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Night of Culture news

Night of Culture named the Best Tourism Product of the Lublin Voivodeship 2016!

We are very pleased to announce that Night of Culture has taken first place in the contest for „The Best Tourism Product of the Lublin Voivodeship 2016″, organized by the Lublin Regional Tourist Organization (LROT).  On behalf of our team and all partners, we would like to express our  sincere gratitude for this great honour. […]

Read more 21 October 2016

Imagine a city where fire trees grow and ice fish thrive

Imagine a city full of soap bubbles, where roads have been replaced by giant lawns, where fire trees grow and ice fish live. In this city backyards resemble fairy tale realms. Imagine this is Lublin during this year’s Night of Culture. The Old Town will take on completely new colours. Nearly all city lanterns will […]

Read more 2 June 2016

Zone of Creativity and Inspiration

Night of Culture is a unique opportunity to try a lot of different things overnight! This time, it will be even easier! The festival’s coordinators will accumulate in one place wickerwork workshop, robot controlling or dance lessons. You can enjoy all this in the Zone of Creativity and Inspiration at the square in front of […]

Read more 31 May 2016

Imagine a city where you can travel back in time

Travelling back in time is possible, especially on nights such as Night of Culture.  We will travel 100 years into the past at Kowalska Street with swing, retro motorcycles and a Victorian carousel  Despite its lovely architecture Kowalska street is rarely ever visited nowadays.  This is a must spot to visit on Night of Culture. […]

Read more 29 May 2016

Imagine a fairy tale city, more enchanting than ever

Night of Culture 2016 4/5 June 2016, Lublin  It will be possible during this year’s Night of Culture (4/5 June). The Old Town will take on completely new colours. On that night, nearly all street lights will lit up in cobalt green, clocks on the Kraków Gate will show unusual colours and its interior will […]

Read more 12 May 2016

Pick your band and see them perform at Night of Culture 2016

Night of Culture is an event created by the whole town,  not just big cultural institutions or  companies, but most of all its citizens. We want to hear your thoughts. This is why we would like you to choose the band you want to hear at the upcoming Night of Culture? Starting from 5 April […]

Read more 5 April 2016

Do you want to do more than just attend?

 Night of Culture is a festival which keeps surprising us. Unusual things happen. Art revitalizes forgotten or unknown places. Archways become light installations, plazas and squares transform into stages, and the streets of the Old Town dazzle even their frequent visitors. Visitors have a tough choice to make because there are dozens of events to  take part in […]

Read more 21 March 2016

This is How I See it!

Show us how you see our city and take part in Night of Culture 2016. Between 15 March and 17 April 2016 we run an open call for art projects for Night of Culture.  For the past ten years, Night of Culture has been giving an opportunity for artists to express themselves, guaranteeing that the […]

Read more 15 March 2016

Open Call for Projects for Night of Culture 2016

On 4/5 June 2016 we will experience Night of Culture in Lublin for the tenth time. This year, we will be dreaming and weaving realities. The main theme of this year’s edition is : “let’s imagine a city….”. Throughout February and March, we run an open call for projects and all interested institutions, ngos, companies and individuals […]

Read more 22 February 2016

Night of Culture acknowledged in Europe

We are pleased to announce that Night of Culture, along with Different Sounds Art’n’Music Festival, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów and the Jagiellonian Fair have won the prestigious award EFFE: Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe.

Read more 10 June 2015

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