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An art installation consisting of three works made of black paper that, enhanced by transparent plexiglass will be inserted into the windows of a tenement house at Archidiakońska 1. The artist will also design smaller forms for lanterns at Złota street. Anna Fuszara wants to stay within floral themes so we can expect to see trees and ferns.

Anna Fuszara

I was fated to be born on planet Eart in the Milky Way galaxy. I chose parents from the Lublin regions and towards the end of the 1970s, I finally materialised in this feminine form of mine after going through the transmission channel of my Terran mother. Since my early days as a skyborne cated hungry for Terran knowledge and life experiences, I have journeyed across the blue planet to grow and develop. In my terran education, there were  several experimental points that successfully transmitted their creative messages to me, namely SKIPA School for Culture Animators and Librarians in Wrocław, Centre of Creative Approach and the faculty of culture studies at the University oof Wrocław. Beginning from 2007 for 10 years I had the possibility to exist in a parallel dimension in Vancouver, where I gradually prepared for my next transition. Art proved to be very helpful. To be specific, the paper cutting technique. When in 2011 my intuition received signals from the Intergalactic command centre that my life would undergo changes, it stirred anxiety and uncertainty in me. I wanted to vent them through paper cutting. And thus everything began.

11 November 2011
“Alien Encounters Stories”, collective illustration exhibition at Uncle Phil Monster Party Gallery. Victoria, Canada.
20 February 2015
“It could be yours” collective exhibition at Ministry of Casual Living Victoria, Canada.
11 March 2016
“Morphology of fear”individual exhibition at The Fifty Fifty Arts Collective. Victoria, Canada.
17 March 2017
“Morfologia Strachu” / “Morphology of Fear  – exhibition and paper cutting workshop in the Municipal Public Library in Bielsko Podlaskie

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