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Hydroriddle –  water tower 2017 is an artistic installation inspired by a long non-existent building that once belonged to the Municipal Water and Sewerage Company in Lublin. The installation is placed in the exact spot where the original building used to stand. For this one night only, the water tower will reappear in Lublin after 70 years. The structure consists of 8 walls, each 22 meters high and 3 metres wide.The structure will be covered with mesh.  The whole installation is loaded with water containers weighing a total of 30 tons! The visual design covering nearly 700 m2 has been created by Kilku.com collective. The installation will stand in the exact spot, where the original building used to stand, that is on Wolności Square.  Water tower – an inseparable part of the landscape of pre-war Lublin, stylised to look like a neogothic keep. The construction finished in 1899 and this date is considered the beginning of Lublin’s water distribution systems.  In 1946,  the building was demolished following damages its sustained when the Red Army was entering Lublin. In 2003, during the remodelling of Wolności Square, the authorities decided to commemorate the old water tower. Its spot was marked with a dark cobblestone. In 204, the Municipal Water and Sewage Company decided to fund a new fountain on Wolności Square. In the middle of the basin, a bronze statue was added – it is a model of the water tower.  This event is accompanied by special walks. Lublin guides from the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society (PTTK) will tell us the history of Lublin’s water distribution systems. We meet at 19:00 and 20:00 by the lion statue on the castle hill.

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