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Nie masz jeszcze żadnych wydarzeń dodanych do ulubionych

For years, Night of Culture programme has been based on events presenting art in the city space. It is no different this time, in the year of the Grand Jubilee of the 700th anniversary of granting city rights to Lublin.The artists have created wonder-inducing pieces, taking inspiration from the history of our city. Gates, plazas and squares will once again become light installations and the streets of the Old Town will surprise even its most frequent visitors. Which events are a must see? Here’s what we recommend.

Krakowskie Przedmieście Lanterns

Many Night of Culture visitors begin their adventure from the pedestrian zone at Krakowskie Przedmieście street. There, we will right at home thanks to a lantern installation made by the cooperative Atak Spawacza and artistic duo Stare Szyje. On street lamps, we will see colourful and funny XXL-sized lampshades that in regular sizes could just as well decorate night lamps and coffee tables in our homes.

Hydroriddle – water tower 2017

It is an artistic installation that will be hard to miss even from a distance. A 22-m high model of a tower that used to belong to the Municipal Water and Sewage Company will reappear on Wolności Square after 70 years. As it is a building symbolising the history of Lublin water distribution systems, the installation will be equipped with water containers weighing a total of 30 tons. This project has been executed by kilku.com Collective.

Street games at Jezuicka Street.

If you turn right behind the Cracow Gate, you will head into Jezuicka street, where we will find Street Sames. This installation has been made by Piękno Panie Independent Project Group as a sort of obstacle course that reminds us of our childhood spent on such outdoor games as hopscotch or rubber band skipping. One thing is certain –  this corner will not leave us indifferent.

Floral and Green Tea

Behind Rybna Gate we will see Floral. It is a multi-coloured installation made of natural flowers and leaves. The flowers will cover 40 metres square of the interior wall of the gate, becoming a unique“live mural”. The mural has been made by Florist students from Social Services Post Secondary School and Landscape Architecture students from the Catholic University of Lublin, under the supervision of Paweł Adamiec, Wojciech Januszczyk, Anna Niedziela and Magda Rutkowska. A few steps further on Rybny Square we will see another green installation. Green Tea has been created by preschoolers from Lublin. The plants have been grown in disposable, chipped tableware, that is cups, vases or teapots. We will not move indifferently along Grodzka Street that houses Jarołsaw Koziara’s Ba!llons and the Dreamcatcher by Małgorzata Wasilek and Wiktoria Bryczkowska. At Archidiakońska street we will admire Forest cut-outs made by Anna Fuszara. It’s also worthwhile to see Old Town rooftops exhibition presenting photography by Mirosław Nordyk Jurczuk. They have been taken from the level of the rooftops, thanks to which the viewer is taken on a walk along the rooftops of Lublin tenements.

Butterflies Effect at the Lublin Castle

Following Grodzka street we go straight up Lublin Castle stairs.  We will be enchanted with Butterflies Effect. Thousands of colourful insects made by origami-loving Kat Grudzień will serve as a magical trail leading up to Lublin castle gates.  We will be able to admire this butterflies effect relaxing on outdoor sofas that have been adapted to fit the shape of the stairs

Furmańska: The Creation of the World

A stone’s throw away from the castle is Furmańska street. One of its pillars will be the project Tzim Tzum, executed by Francois Monnet and Isabel Barthelemy (France) who will design and create several large-format fish, birds and birds-fish  – lanterns made of wicker and paper. The biggest statue will be over 4 metres long. One of them will project an animation and another play a very special song – Hamelachmim (Angel’s Song), composed by Horowitz, the Seer of Lublin and recorded specifically for Night of Culture. The Vichy-based artists have been working on the installation in an atelier inside Gala Centre together with Landscape Architecture students from the Catholic University of Lublin and Florist students from the Post-Secondary Social Service School under the supervision of Paweł Adamiec. Furmańska will also show us Clay Stories, that is ceramic tenements-lanterns, huge Cocoons  made of rope and glue and in the neighbourhood, on Cyrulicza street we will find ourselves In a Tangle of Beetles, that is an installation consisting of five large sculptures created by Cezary Sielicki and decorated by  Florentyna Nastaj, Kamil Stańczak, Anna Kłys and Rafał Lis, Tomasz Maped Pizoń  and art duo Stare Szyje. What’s interesting, after Night of uClture ends, the beetles will find a home in the green area in front of Labirynt Gallery and it will be possible to freely visit them. e will also be reminded of Night of Culture 2017 thanks to the mural The Tenderness of Fish designed by Rafał Eret, presenting the artist’s interpretation of the theme of fish.

Most of Night of Culture events revolve around visual arts that are universal and reach beyond any language barriers. A lot of events are concerts with similarly universal, all-encompassing music. Some events, however, are language specific and among  English-inclusive events there are several movie screening projects, including From Golden Anteaters to Lublin Film Festival – screenings of independent short movies from around the world submitted to IFF Golden Anteaters. Movie lovers are also welcome to join us for screenings of horror films that were featured at 2nd Splat! Film Festival.  If you are hungry, you can buy a cebularz – a traditional Lublin flatbread with diced onion at Kuźmiuk’s bakery at Furmańska street or go to the Foodtruck Zone in Perła Lublin Breweries at Bernardyńska street.

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