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Nie masz jeszcze żadnych wydarzeń dodanych do ulubionych

Every Night of Culture is different. Every year we prepare a new programme and each time it becomes even more surprising;  many of the events will never repeat. But there are people who have been vital to all editions, namely volunteers. You can become one of them and be a part of this exceptional event.

Workshops of Culture in Lublin would like to invite anyone willing to work as a volunteer during Night of Culture.  Recruitment will run until 23 April 2017.  Volunteers assist visitors in information points, support the organisers on backstage, during workshops and shows. They are an integral part of this exceptional event. Perhaps Night of Culture is your favourite festival, perhaps you want to try something new or maybe you’re simply interested in working on events of this type and you want to gain practical knowledge? This is your chance to join the Night of Culture Volunteer Team 2017

You can apply via online form (in Polish)

This is where you will find the most important information, among others what sort of tasks would the volunteers be assisting with. We will begin training meetings after 7 May (details will be announced in the second half of April). All questions can be directed to wolontariat@warsztatykultury.pl

Recruitment runs from 21 March to 23  April 2017.
We will begin training sessions after 7 May (details will be announced in the second part of April)

You can send your questions to wolontariat@warsztatykultury.pl

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