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Nie masz jeszcze żadnych wydarzeń dodanych do ulubionych

Night of Culture is a festival that encourages experiencing art and facilitates meeting it. Cultural institutions stay open until the wee hours, offering a special programme. Squares and plazas hold film screenings, concerts and exhibitions. You cannot pass indifferently by incredible art installations that make Lublin even more beautiful than on a daily basis.  It’s also an event that enlivens unknown, forlorn or notorious places. You could stay that it disenchants them and it is on that night that “monsters” can be tamed!

One of the monsters of Night of Culture 2017 was the leviathan. This fear-inducing sea snake we can read about in the Old Testament. At the festival, it was the most impressive and complex paper lantern made by the French artists Francois Monnet and Isabel Barthelemy. Their work decorated Furmańska street.

It turned out that even this kind of monster can be tamed. Certain people even invited the Leviathan to their backyard! Enchanted by the installation, the residents of one of the tenements in the Old Town asked if they could keep the lantern and maintain the magic of Night of Culture.

The monster found a new home in the Old Town and will remain there for as long as weather permits it. The creature is well cared for. The residents protect it against rain and children decorated its white paper with colourful flowers and hearts.

The remaining lanterns from Tzim Tzum project by the French artists will be accessible at the post-festival exhibition inside Gala Gallery.


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