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Nie masz jeszcze żadnych wydarzeń dodanych do ulubionych

“After all, everyone knows that Paris is famous for fashion, Polesie for its mud and Busk for healing waters. Venice has gondolas and Warsaw cakes. Guess which is my favourite of these? It’s Lublin…” Thus begins a song about Lublin, recorded especially for Night of Culture to celebrate the 700th anniversary of granting city rights to Lublin.

The story behind “Pocztówka z Lublina” (Eng.A postcard from Lublin) is just as unique as its lyrics. It would have never been recorded and presented to the wider public if not for an accidental meeting on a train.

Mr Jerzy Zawisza, an 89-year-old pensioner who has recently got into the spotlight for encouraging everyone to join him on train journeys on the route Warsaw-Lublin, met Joanna Wawiórka Kamienica, the coordinator of Night of Culture. He told her about his love for Lublin and recalled the childhood he spent in the city centre. He strongly remembers singing and playing with his friends near 3 Maja street. Jerzy sang the song he remembered

“It is Lublin, among the waves of river Bystrzyca
Lublin has concerts and balls every day
Lublin, my beloved Lublin
is the most beautiful city of all”

The recording helped to restore the track in a new arrangement by Łukasz Jemioła, Urszula Czerniak and Tomasz Deutryk.  We will hear “A postcard…” along with other songs by Lukasz Jemioła on Night of Culture in Próba Café, at Grodzka 5a in Lublin

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