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Night of Culture 3/4 June 2017 

Night of Culture is a special Theory of Relativity that alters the way time and space are perceived. The city becomes a fifth dimension allowing us to observe hitherto unseen space-time curves and phenomena that elude all earlier theories. This year, one of the epicentres of artistic events will be Furmańska street that has a special dedicated project: Furmańska: the Creation of the World. We will meet fantastical creatures, experience magic and unique light. The mood will be created by Francois Monnet, together with Landscape Architecture students from the Catholic University of Lublin and Florist students from the Social Service Postsecondary School under the direction of Paweł Adamiec.

Furmańska Street is only the beginning of the journey around Night of Culture and one of the artistic events created by artists from Lublin in cooperation with artists from different corners of Europe and the world. Green Tea will delight us as well. Green Tea is a unique installation created by the youngest Lubliners. Disposable cups, mugs, vases and teapots will serve preschoolers to grow plants to be presented in one place on a beautifully arranged, lit-up table. The outdoor installation So it folds will consist of origami insects hung all over the city; the origami technique forbids cutting and extra embellishments. When lit up, these works made of light paper will look beautifully at night.  The film 27 Minutes is an invitation to experience the atmosphere of Lublin’s districts. Our guide will be Marcin Butryn who devoted one minute to each district. The artist Katarzyna Kowalska will invite us to look for her works – 27 paintings hidden around the city. The lucky finder will win a canvas with a message from the artist.

The Zone of Creativity and Inspiration features workshops, meetings and presentations of all kinds of creativity, and a wall in Lublin will be decorated with a mural created by Rafał Eret. This artist’s creativity and original vision of the world are drawing the attention of art enthusiasts and gaining popularity in Poland and abroad. Like every year, we also have music that will sound from various, often completely unexpected, places.


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