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Nie masz jeszcze żadnych wydarzeń dodanych do ulubionych

Like every year, Night of Culture programme is full of events for fans of good music. The Bridge of Culture will host bands from Lublin. The rooftop of Tarasy Zamkowe Shopping Centre will feature a Polish-British duet, Smolik // Kev Fox.  We will also have a music stage on Kowalska Street and music will be also heard from Grodzka Street or PoFarze square. All this is part of the Grand Jubilee of the 700th anniversary of Lublin’s foundation.

Tarasy Zamkowe Shopping Centre Rooftop

For the second time now, the rooftop of Tarasy Zamkowe Shopping Centre will become an important place on the map of cultural events of Night of culture. We will find there a music stage featuring an extraordinary Polish-British duet, namely Smolik // Kev Fox. These two personalities share a passion for crossing borders and discovering new artistic dimensions.  The musicians met five years ago in Warsaw and instantly hit it off. Kev fox and Smolik recorded a joint album. We will find there meticulously constructed, melancholy tunes, Fox’s hypnotising vocal and trademark instrumental sounds that are Smolik’s  responsibility. They will be accompanied by the Warsaw-based band New People, that is seven colourful musical personalities combining a love for lyrics writing and multivocal singing. Together, they create a harmonious fusion of pop, 70s soft rock and disco

Tarasy Zamkowe Shopping Centre rooftop Programme:

20:30-21:30 –  DJ set

21:30-22:30 – New People

22:30-00:00 – Smolik // Kev Fox

The Bridge of culture

The Bridge of Culture will once again become a music and dance zone of Night of Culture. Here, we will meet Lublin-based bands and hear performers that applied in the open call and were chosen by the Music Database Jury. The first band to perform will be Lunatric.  The band plays alt rock, sings in Polish and likes to experiment with sound.  They will be followed by 6 Billion Mirrors.  They offer slightly heavier sounds, the band plays rock, metal and progressive. The mood will change completely with  Krachovy/Bolo – two young boys who teamed out of shared love for rap. They are now working on their debut album we will soon hear.  FEYM blends heavy guitar riffs with groove – they destroy the loudspeakers in the car.  The right mix is supposed to make us lightly sway sideways or, less frequently, front to back.  An hour to midnight the Bridge of Culture stage will present Pasażer. The members of the band call their music Lublin Renaissance. The band’s “renaissance” manifests itself in that the band is part of the new wave of popular music, together with its synthesiser sounds, Migos’ flow and electronic chill but with an extra touch of rock expressivity.  Lyrics that we hear in the band’s songs are an emotional description of reality.  The lyrical subject does not completely control its situation, it’s a Passenger on the journey of life.  The evening will close with  Czarne Lwy z Przedmieścia, a band that needs no introductions.  The evening on the banks of the Bystrzyca river is bound to be excellent.

The Bridge of Culture Programme

19:00-20:00 – Lunatric

20:00-21:00 – 6 Billion Mirrors

21:00-22:00 – Krachovy/Bolo

22:00-23:00 – FEYM

23:00-00:00 – Pasażer

00:00-01:00 – Czarne Lwy z Przedmieścia

Bum Da Fara Bum 

Boom Fara Boom is a new code name for po Farze Square. Attractions will be provided by Groove Onkels, that is a that is a thrash-percussion act straight from Germany. Their motto is “It’s all gone down the drain… Instruments are in vain”. Five 240-litre trash bins combined with four funny garbage men extracting sounds from bins, buckets and bottles using spoons, sticks and toilet brushes creates a whole together with attractive choreography. Po Farze Square will feature an unforgettable show that will greatly impress the public. But before Groove Onkels steal all our attention, we will have time to evaluate the skills of Workshop Percussion Group. This invitation is not just for children but for everyone who feels the rhythm.  Music that will be presented is inspired by drumming traditions from Africa, Cuba and Brazil. Workshop Percussion group consists of: Young Drummers – a children’s group playing at Węglin Community Centre, Węglin Drummers – an adult group also attached to Węglin Community Centre and Samba in Lublin – a group of enthusiasts from Art Therapy Centre in Lublin

Boom Fara Boom  Programme

19:00-20:00 – Workshop Percussion Groups

20:30, 22:00, 23:00, 00:00 – Groovie Onkels

Kowalska Street

Performers representing the Lublin School of Jazz and Light Music will open the evening. We will hear famous and well-liked hit songs in a completely new form. They will be followed by Maciejowa Kapela. This traditional urban backyard band will take us to the 1920s and 1930s, when at the corner of streets we would dance foxtrots and tangoes. We will also hear such hit songs as “U cioci na imieninach” , “Teraz jest wojna” and “Tylko we Lwowie” (“Only in Lviv).  Kowalska Street will also welcome Kołłątajowska Kuźnia Prawidzwych Mężczyzn, a comedy and music group whose humorous gigs consist of songs fused with skilful entertainment. We will be wowed and amused by songs about animals and love,  interwoven by stories about the toils of life, poverty, disappointments and they – simple people for whom nothing worked out. They fuse jokes and boyish nostalgia with unpretentious and absurd poetry. Over a short period of time, they created their own, characteristic style fusing music and cabaret.  The evening will close with Groove Brothers, a family project led by two brothers, Jacek and Wojtek Fedkowicz. They debuted under this name in 2002 while being a part of Lari Fari, the first Polish hip-hop band giving gigs 100% live. They served as rhythm section for Leszek Możdzer, Michał Urbaniak and since 2012 they have been supporting O.S.T.R at their gigs.  They draw musical inspirations from dub music, electronic music and techno. Their characteristic features include electronic processing of percussion, surprising samples and a strong, ubiquitous groove.

Kowalska Street Programme

19:00-20:30 –  The Lublin School of Jazz and Light Music

20:30-22:00 – Maciejowa Kapela – backyard band from Lublin

22:00-23:00 – Kołłątajowska Kuźnia Prawdziwych Mężczyzn

23:00-00:00 – Groove Brothers

What other musical attractions await?

19:00 | Próba Cafe, ul. Grodzka 5a –  Łukasz Jemioła’s concert. The singer has had many successes, including taking the first place on 45th Student Song Festival in Cracow.  His warm voice and an incredible sense of humour take the listener on an incredible journey from the very first sounds. For Night of Culture, together with Urszula Czerniak and Tomasz Deutryk, he has prepared a special song, “A Postcard from Lublin”, on the basis of a song about Lublin that an accidental fellow train passenger, Jerzy Zawisza, sang to him.

19:00-00:00 | The Old Theatre – Jazz Jam Session is a project in which excellent jazz music associated with the Old Theatre will join forces in a nighttime improvised session in the Old Theatre. The entry is free as far are places are available.

19:00-2:00 | Gazebo in the Saski Park –  Piano marathon. On Night of Culture for the first time in Poland, invited pianists will perform  Vexations, a marathon that was initiated by John Cage and had its opening in Pocket Theatre, Manhattan in 1963. It’s a single-page manuscript by Eric Satie, the first minimalist and pioneer of musical avant-garde.  During the marathon, the piece will be repeated 840 times.
19:00-2:00 | Grodzka 7 – Spaceboys – “The Third eye of Mr Kleks” will be a concert inspired by the cult story of Pan Kleks (Mr Inkblot). The story will be reinterpreted in electronic sounds to guarantee great nostalgic fun in the magical world of the peculiar professor. This event should not be missed either by adults or those who have not yet had a chance to read the adventures of Pan Kleks.
19:00-2:00 – N4 – Jam\’o\’Bus!  Is a new bus line, launched especially for Night of Culture.  For this occasion, we will have a red double decker that will be filled with instruments, musicians an atmosphere of fun and improvisation.  Everyone can embark and take part in the Jam!. The dispatcher of N4 line is Arkadiusz Kaźmierak. We will be able to join on bus stops at Krakowska Gate, wolności square or by Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, among others.

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