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Nie masz jeszcze żadnych wydarzeń dodanych do ulubionych

In the special Grand Jubilee year celebrating the 700th anniversary of the city of Lublin, Night of Culture once again launches a time machine and the artists will create unusual works drawing inspiration from the history of the city and its heritage. Last year, we transported back in time by only about 100 years. 700 is possible, and we will even return to the very beginning and the most important one, namely the Creation of the World. It will be very international. The special edition of Night of Culture will be created by artists from our city and from friendly European centres. It will be very Lublin-oriented because we have engaged young artists from our hometown. City-spacetime will reign supreme.  

Night of Culture consists of magical moments. It is a festival of endless surprises at which extraordinary things happen. Several hundred events create the unforgettable mood that allows every resident of Lublin to take pride in their city and a tourist will remember the trip to the goat city for a very long time. Art once again will revitalise unknown or forgotten places. Gates will become light installations, squares and plazas will transform into theatre stage and the streets of the Old town will astound even its most frequent visitors.

Visual Arts

A mist-covered Hartwig Alley and airborne medusas over Kowalska street are an invitation to the world that has long passed or one that never existed. This year coordinators of Night of Culture want to draw our attention to Furmańska street, where we will see what the creation of the world may have looked like. One of the elements of the Furmańska-centred project, “Furmańska: The Creation of the World” will be Tzim Tzum produced by Francois Monnet and Isabel Barthelemy (France) who will design and create a dozen large-format lanterns of wicker and paper. Their imagination has led them to create animal forms:  fish, birds, fish-birds, bird-fish that, when written into the architecture of the city, will create part of a story about a beautiful city. Vichy artists have been working on the installation along with Landscape Architecture students from the Catholic University of Lublin and Florist students from the Social Service Postsecondary School directed by Paweł Adamiec since  4 May inside Gala Gallery in Lublin.  We will see the effects of their work on 3rd June and later at the post-festival exhibition in Gala Gallery.

Clay Stories will likely garner a lot of interest as well. Clay Stories are stories about Lublin, its history and its people created by Krajobrazy Foundation, Żywioły Ziemi Ceramics and Handcrafts Studio together with the residents of Furmańska and Cyrulicza streets. The project consists of miniature house-shaped lanterns, street reconstructions. Anyone suffering from arachnophobia please beware! On this special June night, there will be special cocoons hung above our heads on Furmańska street.  The artworks will be created by the Landscape Architecture students of the Catholic University of Lublin, under the supervision of Paweł Adamiec and Wojciech Januszczyk. This is not the end of Furmańska street’s attractions –  we will have words, sound and a few specially prepared surprises that will stay engraved in our memories for a long time afterwards.

Night of Culture will offer surprises in many other places, such as Cyrulicza Street, where we will find ourselves In a Tangle of Beetles, that is we will experience an art installation inspired by the world of insects and created by Cezary Sielicki. The beetles will be given to local artists, among them Florentyna Nastaj, Kamil Stańczak, Anna Kłys and Rafał Lis to be decorated in their original, characteristic styles. Walking along Furmańska and Cyrulicza streets, we cannot miss another “animal”. Referring to the 16th-century legend about the genesis of the name “Lublin” as chronicled by Marcin Kromer, the back wall of a school building at Kowalska Street will be decorated with a mural entitled The tenderness of fish, designed by Rafał Eret, depicting the painter’s vision of a fish.  The piece will be produced by Cezary Hunkiewicz.

Through Rybna Gate we gradually come back to the very centre of the Old Town. We will not meet any more animals here but a floral surprise awaits us.  Floral is a multi-coloured installation made up of flowers and plans. The plants will cover thever  the interior wall of the gate, becoming a sort of “living mural”. The florist students from Social Service Postsecondary School and Landscape Architecture students from the Catholic University of Lublin, under the supervision of Paweł Adamiec, Wojciech Januszczyk, Anna Niedziela and Magda Rutkowska are responsible for creating such magic.

 We are now on the Old Town’s main square, in front of the Tribunal. For one night, this historical building will be overtaken by Elemental Fever and Salon Balon. The Tribunal will be decorated with countless balloons. All 46 windows of the building will be bursting with them. Let us now head to Jezuicka street, where we shall encounter Street Games and Activities prepared by Piękno Panie independent project group. Can we still escape reality by playing an ordinary, analogue hopscotch in times of levelling and virtual special effects? This is just one question we ask. In the meantime, at Wolności Square we will have a true riddle waiting for us: The Hydroriddle- the water tower 2017- is an art installation that refers to the history of the city and is inspired by a now non-existent building that once belonged to the Municipal Water and Sewerage Company. Just for this one night, the water tower will return to Lublin after 70 years.  The construction will have 8 walls, each 22 metres high and 3 metres wide.  The entire structure will be loaded with water containers weighing 30 tons!  The visual design that will cover nearly 700 metres square has been created by kilku.com collective. Nearby, by the City Office, we will find a place to chill out. The best Polish accommodation service, nocowanie.pl will create an installation- a relaxation zone evocative of childhood, atmospheric and calm. You just can’t resist the urge to sit down and relax here.


 This year, the theatre module for Night of Culture will be truly European in character. Zanguango Teatro is a group from the Basque Country.  On the Lublin’s pedestrian zone, they will present a street play entitled FLUX that was named the most original and innovative play at the TAC Festival in Valladolid in 2016. The Swiss duo forming the dance theatre Dodo Cabegna will perform twice, presenting the project Silent Pact, a play based on the book Silent Twins by Marjorie Wallace.  Lublin’s theatres will also perform on Night of Culture. The Lublin Castle courtyard will fill with music and visuals from the plays by neTtheatre and Paweł Passini produced over the last five years: “Morrison/Śmiercisyn”, “Bieguny”, “HIDEOUT/Kryjówka”, “Dziady. Twierdza Brześć”,  “Znak Jonasza”, “Pudełko” and “Requiem”.  They are celebrating their 10th anniversary on Night of Culture.


There is no Night of Culture without music especially Lublin-based bands but, just like lat year, we will also have guests from abroad. The rooftop of Tarasy Zamkowe shopping centre will once again become one of the most important venues of Night of Culture. It will have a music stage that will welcome a very special Polish-British duet, namely Smolik // Kev Fox,  two personalities who share a passion for overcoming obstacles and discovering new artistic spaces.  They will be accompanied by the Warsaw band New People that offers a harmonious mix of pop, soft rock of the 1970s and disco.  Po Farze square will feature an unforgettable show – Groove Onkels, that is a thrash-percussion act straight from Germany – another international element of Night of Culture. Their motto is “It’s all gone down the drain… Instruments are in vain”. On Night of Culture, we will also see Groove Brothers, Kołłątajowska Kuźnia Prawdziwych Mężczyzn, Spaceboys – “The Third Eye of Mr Kleks”, Pasażer, Lunatric, 6 Billion Mirrors, FEYM and Krachovy/Bolo and Łukasz Jemioła. We will also travel all over town on the music bus N4 – Jam\’o\Bus! dispatched by Arkadiusz Kaźmierak,

The Zone of Creativity and Inspiration and Urban Sports

This year, the Workshop Zone will be located in the Lublin Castle Błonia. It will offer inspiration for children and adults. The programme includes presentations and displays of all sorts of activity. Among other things, we will be able to make unique, one of a kind jewellery.  It will be one of a kind because it will carry our fingerprints. We will also jointly draw a huge panorama of Lublin and learn to make origami. Aside from art workshops, the Lublin Błonia will also include Urban Sports Zone to satisfy body and soul and spend time actively. The zone will be decorated with light installations hidden in tree crowns.


This is not the full programme of  Night of Culture. The festival consists of hundreds of events, including art exhibitions, installations, stage plays, cinema and shows in the city space. Galleries, theatres and museums stay open until the wee hours. Night of Culture inspires us to discover Lublin or to rediscover it. The full programme will be published soon.

Night of Culture ¾ June 2017 is part of the Grand Jubilee of the 700th anniversary of Lublin’s foundation. In 2017, Lublin is celebrating the 700th anniversary of granting the Magdeburg Law. Celebrating this special year together, we want to draw inspiration from our heritage, strengthen a sense of pride in Lublin and develop the city for future generations.

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