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Nie masz jeszcze żadnych wydarzeń dodanych do ulubionych

Mamma mia! – a journey around the world of musicals


An incredible journey around the world of musicals - the most spectacular and winsome aspects of musicals of the highest quality– we will have revues, singing, in one word- it’s going to be a very eventful night.

Like a Summer


Vinyl records' fair that concludes with a house music party.

Nocturne – exhibition of paintings

Visual Arts

"Nocturne" is an exhibition of Marcin A. Telega'smost recent paintings, mostly portraits and landscapes.

Widelski’s Ball


The story of Lublin's oldest cafe and the city's first barista, Mr Widelski

The Spaces of Jazz – J.A.H Trio and Guests – concert


J.A.H. Trio was established by Jan Jarecki in 2014. It is active in the Lublin region and beyond. The members are all highly skilled musicians, graduates of Music Schools and students of Music Academies.

Children’s Room at Rybna 7


Children’s Room at Rybna 7 is a place where parents can leave their children under the care of well-trained animators who will make sure that children will spend time playing and have fun. This event is for children aged 3-12. The programme includes, among others, prize draws and visual art workshops, including felting workshops, painting on glass, eco toys, wax candles.

22 PIECES- TWICE GOING – art exhibition

Visual Arts

22 Pieces - Going Twice is a continuation of exhibitions accompanying Night of Culture since 2016 that take place in Q-Fer Gallery at Grodzka 22. This year's exhibition is inspired by the goat that appears on the Lublin’s coat of arms.

Lublin. Memory of the Place

Visual Arts

The exhibition is dedicated to Jewish communities in Lublin and has been built to resemble the interior of an archive and the metal bookshelves holding thousands of ring binders are important elements that create the exhibition's distinct character. Entries at 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 22:00

Jazz Jam Session Vol 2


First-rate jazz musicians associated with the Old Theatre will join forces for this nighttime improvisation on the stage of the Old Theatre.

Touring the Trinitarian Tower

Visual Arts

The Trinitarian Tower, also known as the Trinitarian Gate is the highest lookout in Lublin. The viewing terrace is located at the height of 40 m above ground where you can see the vast panorama of Lublin. The tower houses the Archdiocesan Museum of Religious Art.

Poetry ER


Every poet and poetry enthusiast will be able to use the service of a poetic admission room, acting as either the donor or recipient of the lyrical serum.

Off the top of my head

Visual Arts

The exhibition "Off the Top of My Head" consists of works by five Polish artists, working in different cities and representing different generations. Photographs, films, embroideries, books, installations, images and sculptures create a multi-thematic exhibition that touches on such topics as physicality, memory, gender awareness, socio-cultural stereotypes, emotions, the evanescence of being.

Spaceboy – The Third Eye of Mr Kleks


A concert inspired by the iconic series of books, “The Academy of Mr Kleks” and “Travels of Mr Kleks”.

Street Games

Visual Arts

Street Games is a street installation that offers a reflection on adapting traditional games to forms most accessible for contemporary reality.

Discover Lublin’s Golden Age


The location-based game "Discover Lublin's golden age" is a project focused on the heritage of the Lublin region in the Reformation era. The aim is to show the role of Protestant communities in the development of the city and the region


Visual Arts

An artistic installation consisting of several dozen colourful lanterns-balloons (Jarosław Koziara) hung over the heads of the passers-by. The baskets attached to the ballo0ns carry original dolls (Paulina Kara)

Tayri – Huku – Cariad


The play presents various aspects of love, bound by the magic of Lublin.

Roman Kravchenko’s Photography Atelier

Visual Arts

19:00-1:00 – Roman Kravhchenko's Photography Atelier

Lublin’s water distribution systems


Guides will talk about the history of Lublin's water distribution systems during a walk around the Old Town. We will begin by the old Szeroka street, then walk along the Old Town until we reach Wolności Square that features the picturesque model of the old water tower.

Night at the Brewery


Perła Lublin Breweries is opening its doors to everyone seeking to chill out in style. Take a moment to rest. Take a deep breath and recharge your batteries in the Foodtruck Zone, keep exploring or stay with us and just relax.

Street Portraits – Andrzej Mikulski’s Photography Exhibition

Visual Arts

An exhibition of photography at "Nowy Świat" Restaurant, Krakowskie Przedmieście Street.

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