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Night of Culture, taking place as part of the 700th Anniversary of Lublin’s foundation this year is not only about concerts and huge installations in the urban space. It’s also a time for learning new things,  including about our town, drawing inspiration from its  700 year- long history and heritage. Just like last year, we will offer Zone of Creativity and Inspiration. The programme includes drawing a large-format panorama of Lublin, teleporting to Lublin in the 30th century or building Old Town out of cardboard.

Lublin Castle Błonia is where the Zone of Creativity and Inspiration will operate this year. The location is known from the Jagiellonian Fair or East of Culture – Different Sounds will overnight become a space of creativity, workshops and presentations. We will learn the secrets of the Japanese art of origami and will try to create our own paper artworks with the help of Marcin Struski. Debuting at Night of Culture will be workshops focused on decoupage decorating and ageing objects. The main theme will be photos of contemporary Lublin. The workshop is organised by “STUDEO” Foundation for Personal Development and M-ART Foundation. Another interesting event is COOL Illumination – workshop focused on creating lamps from disposable cups, to be conducted by Katarzyna Niedźwiadek from “Pod Akacją” Youth Cultural Centre.

Every lady with a freshly woven wreath on her head will stand out in the Night of Culture crowds. June is the perfect time for wreaths as flowers and greenery will abound. The workshop will be conducted by experienced florists. But that is not the only type of decoration that will stay with us after Night of Culture. The Zone’s programme also features porcelain jewellery workshop. What is interesting, everyone who wants to do so will be able to leave their fingerprints in the material.  All items made at the workshop will be kilned in the ceramic furnace and returned to the creators.

Children are invited to build robots, solve robot riddles and fortunes from magical electro ball.  One one one battle with a selected robotic opponent and shooting from a toy crossbow are likely to be the most appealing activities. Children will also be able to make a spider-like installation. The task will be to use a rope to weave a huge spider web, up to 10 metres in diameter.  The central point (spider) will be Art Bike. But that’s not all.  Kids will need to decorate the spider web with their own handmade plush spiders and high visibility items. The project is supervised by Konrad Biel. Another family event is Natalia Głowacka’s project, “Build a cardboard city along with us”. Natalia invites everyone to join her in building large objects of cardboard. We will create small buildings and large furniture, incredible creatures and fantastical plants.

The Zone of Creativity and Inspiration will also feature a large-format Lublin Panorama to be coloured and the exhibition “Impressions about forgotten places in Lublin” by the students of fine arts at Maria Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin. In Błonia we will also meet  Saint John Cantius’ Brotherhood of the Rooster who will present the historical camp “Lublin Brethren”. We will find here items, food and music from various eras.  We will also have military drills, era costumes and armours, handicrafts, historical games and quill writing. The Brethren Stage will, in turn, present an interactive music and theatre spectacle relating to the history of Lublin.

Visual Design students from Maria curie Skłodowska University will take us on a journey to the future.  The students will conduct monotyping workshops for children and teens. The theme will be-Lublin tenements in the 30th century. The children will present their vision of buildings of this time. When the work is done, copies will be hung on a wooden frame resembling a teleportation portal. FIKA Café will showcase their toys related to the 700th anniversary of Lublin. Thanks to them, Błonia will be enriched with a sensory balloon, spatiotemporal hopscotch about Lublin, face painting and soap bubble show. The kids will also create a stained glass presenting Lublin. Together with AIESEC for Lublin and volunteers from various parts of the worlds, we will prepare a huge map and record a clip promoting multiculturalism in Lublin.

Błonia Castle will also have something to stimulate our bodies, namely Parkour and High Fly Zone.

All workshops and meetings in the zone of Creativity and Inspiration are free.

Zone of Creativity and Inspiration Programme

19:00-20:00 – Floral workshop – wreath weaving

20:30-21:30 – Floral workshop – wreath weaving

19:00-22:00 –  Society of Friends of Fine Arts in Lublin – painting  presentations

19:00-22:00 – Krzysztof Banach’s  watercolour impressions

19:00-22:00 – Art Bike – art. on wheels / The Spiderweb of Dreams – Konrad Biel

19:00-23:00 –  Origami workshop – Marcin Struski

19:00-23:00 – Porcelain consolidation

19.00-00.00 –  Let;s build a city out of cardboard! – Natalia Głowacka

19:00-00:00 – TwojRobot.pl

19:00-00:00 –  Panorama of Lublin –  Fine Arts students from Maria curie Skłodowska University

19:00-00:00 – Saint John Cantius’ Brotherhood of the Rooster

19:00-00:00 – DecouArt – Lublin, time and space – Fundacja Wspierania Rozwoju Osobistego “STUDEO” and Fundacja M-ART.

19:00-00:00 – Lublin’s teleportation

19:00-00:00 – AIESEC for Lublin

19:00-00:00 – COOL Illumination – Katarzyna Niedźwiadek

19:00-00:00 –  Parkour Camp – High Fly Zone

Attractions will be everywhere in the Old Town. Drop by Furmańska street to go back in time to the time of the Creation, airborne medusas will hang over Kowalska Street and in po Farze square you will warm up to the rhythm of Brazilian drums. Night of Culture consists of hundreds of events, among them art exhibitions, artistic installations, stage plays, cinema and art in the urban space.  Thanks to them, every Lubliner can take pride in the city and any tourist coming to visit would warmly remember their visit to Lublin a long time afterwards. Night of Culture consists of magical moments. It is a festival of endless surprises and incredible things happen. Art revitalises forgotten and unknown places. Gates become light installations, squares and plazas transform into theatre stages and the streets of the Old Town will surprise even its most frequent visitors.


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