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Night of Culture news

Night of Culture 2019

Even someone who walks the streets of the Old Town on the way to work every day is likely to be surprised during those brief moments in the city’s life. The four largest Lublin festivals: East of Culture – Different Sounds, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów and The Jagiellonian Fair and Night of Culture transform the city beyond […]

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Musical Night of Culture 2018

The concert on the rooftop of Tarasy Zamkowe Shopping Centre,a a crazy group of musicians performing on scaffoldings or the intimate concert Chansonists and Retrolisteners which will take place as part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence honoured in Lublin as “Lublin 1918-2018. Freedom inspires us”. These are just a […]

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Night of Culture: The Great Fitting

The place we must  visit at this year’s Night of Culture (2/3 June 2018) is definitely Podwale street. The joint work of many artists and creators will transform this space into a tailor’s land. We will find here ties, fabrics, furs, sewing machines and small tailor’s accessories in XXL sizes. It is worthwhile to begin […]

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Night of Culture 2018

CityMoments – this is the theme of this year’s Night of Culture (2/3 June 2018, Lublin). So what can we expect? Workshops of Culture in Lublin promise plenty of thrills, delights and surprises. This year’s programme will feature beautiful and magical moments that are as fleeting as the legendary fern flower. The programme includes: Podwale: […]

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Night of Culture wants you! | Volunteer recruitment is now open!

Spring has come and along with it, the prep work for the summer festivals organized by Workshops of Culture in Lublin has entered  its last stage. The time has come to invite you to work with us.  We are opening the call for volunteers who want to help us with our summer festivals: Night of Culture, […]

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Mission: Ties now underway! Bring your tie and join the preparations for Night of Culture 2018!

Do you have a tie you haven’t been wearing but find it’s a shame to throw it out because it carries many memories and stories? Proms, matura exam, wedding. An opportunity is coming up to not only freshen up your wardrobes but also “thank”  your old ties for their many years of service. We are collecting ties […]

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do not kill!

Do not kill! On 20 February 2018, UNICEF issued a blank report on mass casualties among children in Eastern Ghouta and Damascus – a powerful statement on helplessness against barbaric violence and power. UNICEF has left its statement blank, without content, figures or the account of the current state in Syria, explaining that in the […]

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More Light! An open call for projects

Artists, bring us more light! Submit your idea for light art installation that will become one of the attractions of Night of Culture in Lublin on 2/3 June 2018.  Workshops of Culture, the organizers of the festival, are once again throwing down the gauntlet to creative individuals.  We’re opening a call for visual art projects. For […]

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Outdoor festivals in Lublin: what have we achieved, what can we still do?

A conference focused on the research report concerning festivals organized by Workshops of Culture in Lublin – Night of Culture, East of Culture – Different Sounds, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów and the Jagiellonian Fair. When: 1 February 2018 (Thursday), 9:30-14:15 Where: Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a, auditorium – 2ndfloor Registration: The number of places is limited. Registrations […]

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Night of Culture 2018: CityMoments

Night of Culture | 2/3 June 2018 A moment is a short period of time, distinguished because it marks something important, an important event. This word is universal and sounds the same in many languages. We are unable to precisely define what a “moment” is, but we know that we all experience this unique occurence. […]

Read more 28 November 2017

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