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Nie masz jeszcze żadnych wydarzeń dodanych do ulubionych

I give you my word is an invitation to the world of books, words, typewriters and letters. Walk along Olejna st to admire the artistic installations prepared especially for this evening.

Upon entering Old Town’s market place, we will see a gigantic book set against the wall of the building, decorated by Marcin Blach

Another attraction is an installation prepared by the staff and friends of Pub Publika. It will be a garland consisting of balloons and books, where light and words have been captured.

During the journey we can let our eyes roam here and there to notice palindromes, that is expressions that sound the same read from left to right and from right to left.

The square in Olejna street will become a space for words. We will see typewriters, a book waiting for visitors to sign it and say what they wish for Night of Culture. We will see the chalk paiting “Dobre Słowa” (Kind Words), a large-scale chalk painting on the wall of the building (2m x 13m). We will be able to play with the alphabet.  Educators from Zachęta in Warsaw will talk about the work of Stanisław Dróżdż.

Lublin nitką pisany (Lublin written with a thread) is a sensory, textile tale about the city.

Join us for a presentation of a book sewn by Wioletta Stafińska and Łukasz Stafiński – INNE formy (DIFFERENT forms). Not only does Łukasz Stafiński sew tales, he can also sing them.

We will hear  M.A.N.I.T.O.U. (Małe Acz Niebanalnie Intrygujące Teksty O Uniwersum – lit. Small But Non-Banal Intriguing Texts about the Universe), songs with lyrics.

Typographical games frequently appear in the work of Jarosław Koziara, and this time will not be different. Huge letter-shaped lanterns will hang among buildings. The installation “Triple font” will consist of a hundred letters from three alphabets – Latin, Cyrillic and Hebrew.

Kamil Stańczak will refer to Julian Tuwim’s poem and we will meet the letter A which has sprained its legs.

Exprimere Studio by Damian Bakalarz will display on building walls poems by young poets from Lublin, we will read poetry by Kamil Brewiński, Wojciech Dunin-Kozicki, Grzegorz Jędreka, Rafała Rutkowskiego, Justyna Kulikowska.

Fundacja Dwa Ognie will remind us about words of wisdom and courtesy of “Lotne Babki” we will see papier-mache letter, created during open workshops.

Other surprises await. It will be a great walk, we have given you our word, after all.

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