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What is a light show? It is a light, short and sweet play – just like the moment of experiencing a short story about happiness, in which bodies, shadows and projections fuse into one. What is the story about?  It tells a story about the pursuit of happiness and a surprisingly difficult moment which comes when this happiness is finally achieved. . It’s a brief moment of pure magic fusing shadow theatre, acting and dance, complemented by animations and visualisations.  The show has been directed by Joanna Lewicka, who has also written the script.

Aside from theatre directing, Joanna is also responsible for socio-artistic project. She is an academic teacher. In 2007 she graduated in directing from HfMDK in Frankfurt, having sudied under Hans Hollmann and Christof Loy. During her studies, she assisted, among others, in Schauspielhaus Zürich. Since 200, she has been directing theatre plays in Poland and Germany. She cyclically runs Theatre forum for Khmer Community Development in Cambodia. she has carried out many international projects in England, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Turkey and Ukraine.

Starring: Angelika Kujawiak, Wojciech Kaproń

Direction: Joanna Lewicka
Video: Maria Porzyc
Light:  Damian Bakalarz
Costumes: ElBruzda

The screenplay was inspired by the stories told by the residents of Lublin.

Runtime: 10 minutes


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