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Official gastronomic Zone of Night of Culture! Perła – Lublin Brewery opens its doors on Night of Culture, awaiting everyone in need of a break. Take a breather and recharge your batteries in the Gastro Zone, see Jarosław Koziara’s installation and watch the first public sceening of a special video art, “Spacer” – A Walk. You will also be able to toure the Art Hall featuring Paweł miazga’s photos in tribute to David Bowie and a spherical animation by Patrycja Turek.  Stay tuned for the afterparty in Klub Radość.

19.00-02.00 – Jarosław koziara’s art installation

21.30-02.00  Cinema in the Brewery  – Spacer / A walk – firs screening, video art – a kind of a virtual walk around Lublin. We will invite viewers to familiar and lesser known places. We are sure to surprise the viewers who do not know Lublin, but can we also surprise regular visitors? We shall see on 1 June. Sound / experimental music, a composition created from the sounds of the city (Karolina Balmas-Pęczuła Kacper Pęczuła – Miejscovnik)

The Art Hall: 19.00-02.00 – Space oddity – photography exhibition …”it’s time to leave the capsule if you dare…”. In tribute to David Bowie. Photos: Paweł Miazga, Inicjatywa LWL

19.00-02.00– c≈ 3.00·108 m/s (the speed of light) –  a spherical animation with a 3d effect, made as a visualisation to a selected piece of music (Patrycja Turek)

19.00-21.30 –  Touring the historic Brewhouse – no registration, entries every 15 minutes, max 15. persons per entry.

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