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19:00 The Backstage

20:00 Crab Trap and The Green Seekers

21:00 Debris Heir

22:00 Death Naturath

23:00 Niewinni

The Backstage

The band was set up in Swidnik in April 2017. For the next several months – up until April 2018 – the band’s members kept changing. The current line-up, that is percussion – Jakub Kawalerski, vocals and bass guiatar – Mateusz Kulczyński and Michał Bednasz – electric guitar the bad has been performing since May 2018. The band is inspired by the work of such groups as Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Frank Zappa, and Nirvana. Even though the band started from playing covers and arranging songs by other bands, they are currently working on their own material and in January 2018 they released their first single called “One of a Kind”, whose studio version was released on 8 April 2018. The band keeps writing new songs and soon plans to release an album with their original material.

Crab Trap and The Green Seekers

Like Orpheus emerging from the underground, we walk towards the light. We are deeply rooted in the flower power revolution and carry the torch of peace and the hope that the deepest darkness can hide unknown beauty. From the marshes of Louisiana to the hot sands of Arabia, our music strives to combine those elements of world that are admirable and condemn those that are not worth admiring.

Debris Heir

A Polish-Candian band playing music inspired by atmospheric and melodic sounds drawn from such genres as post rock, shoe gaze or noise rock.

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