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Even someone who walks the streets of the Old Town on the way to work every day is likely to be surprised during those brief moments in the city’s life. The four largest Lublin festivals: East of Culture – Different Sounds, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów and The Jagiellonian Fair and Night of Culture transform the city beyond recognition. Check them out for yourself!


Night of Culture

½ June 2019, Lublin – Old Town and the city centre

Free admission


You can feel how the whole city’s celebrating, that it’s not just one stage somewhere out in the field and that everyone is looking forward to it. I have never felt such vibes anywhere else”.  Patrycja, 24 years old, Kielce


Night of Culture is a celebration of Lublin – a tale about the city woven by its inhabitants and friends. It’s a meeting of artists, animators, various cultural circles and those who want to spend this evening together. Most of all, it is an even filled to the brim with cultural attractions.  The attendees face a tough choice, there are hundreds of things to see and do and time is short. It’s only one night.


Can you imagine that for one night a forlorn Lublin alley transforms into the most romantic corner of Europe, rivalling Barcelona, Venice or Paris? Should stages even still be used for concerts when they can be played on the walls of historic tenement houses or building rooftops? Why go to the cinema if we can watch films under the starry night sky?  Night of Culture is a festival of endless surprises. Night of Culture is when unusual things happen. We can  even sometimes see  places which disappeared off Lublin’s map years ago.

Art enlivens forgotten or unknown places. Archways become light installations, squares and plazas transform into stages and the alleys of the Old Town surprise even their most regular visitors. Galleries, theatres and museums  remain open until the small hours.


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