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Post-Night Workshops

Night of Culture, one of Lublin’s largest festivals, offers a few hundred events outdoors in the city space over the span of a few hours. It is like the fern flower – blooms only on one night and disappears. We are left with memories and beautiful photos. It is impossible to see everything during that magical time. Workshops of Culture in Lublin are planning to change that and bring back some of the festival attractions during the year. In particular, we want to bring back those events that were addressed to smaller audiences. At the last weekend of September, we are launching the first workshops inspired by Night of Culture events and energy!

Our next worskhops on Clay Old Town are on 29 March 2018. Register online.


30 September 2017 – Wicker Bike Baskets

27-28 October 2017  – Origami 

24 November 2017 – Moving pictures – Puppet theatre 

25-26 November 2017Puppet workshop

7 December 2017Tiny Tenements | post-Night exhibition

25 January 2018 – The clay Old Town

15 February 2018 – The clay Old Town

22 February 2018 – The clay Old Town

8 March 2018 – The Clay Old Town

29 March 2018 – The Clay Old Town

Workshops and events inspired by past editions of Night of Culture will accompany us all year round. Make sure to drop by en.nockultury.pl in months other than June too!

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