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Nie masz jeszcze żadnych wydarzeń dodanych do ulubionych

There is one night in the year when art and people take over Lublin, its streets, buildings and squares. Public spaces gain new intensity, colour, energy and familiar places are seen in a new light. It’s an opportunity to fall in love – either for the first time or once again. Night of Culture, Old Town in Lublin, 6/7 June 2020, free admission.

Night of Culture’s director, Joanna Wawiórka-Kamieniecka from Workshops of Culture in Lublin invites us to take part in the event:

The phrase ‘to fall in love’ is used purposefully. This year, Night of Culture’s theme is citytender. Lublin, inextricably linked with the event, is most of all about people – its residents and friends. Lublin is a word which we often put in various official forms and carry every day in personal documents. It’s close to us. Closeness creates tenderness. Tenderness is care, a sign of love and affection.  On this night, we will try to show this in a beguiling manner. We want to invite people – not just Lublin’s residents – to look at the city tenderly, kindly and to discover its imperfect beauty with all of its wrinkles and cracks. On this one night, Lublin transforms but does not act like a  flighty greenhorn. It is mature, beautiful, wise and has a lot to say.

2020 will mark the 14th edition of the festival. Night of Culture is the celebration of Lublin – a meeting of artists, animators, various cultural communities and those who want to spend the evening together. Most of all, it is a night filled with attractions. Visitors face a tough choice as there are hundreds of events to see, and time is limited. After all, it is only one night.  Art enlivens forgotten or unknown sites. Gates become light installations, squares and plazas become theatre stages and the streets of the Old Town surprise even regular visitors. Galleries, theatres and museums stay open late into the night.

From the perspective of the audience, the most appealing and unique aspect of Night of Culture seems to be its atmosphere, the radical transformation of the city thanks to artworks and installations in combination with the brevity and intensity of the event. Taking part in the festival is not so much about following a planned schedule but, rather, allowing oneself to explore the transformed space at leisure– writes Aleksandra Kołtun, PhD in the report “The influence of Lublin’s outdoor festivals on the city’s economic and social growth”.

The 14th Night of Culture takes place on 6/7 June 2020. Admission to all events is free. The full programme will be available at www.en.nockultury.pl in May.  In the meantime, you can visit Night of Culture’s website and its Polish-language FB page for videos and photos from past editions.

The festival is organised by Workshops of Culture in Lublin. The project is possible thanks to the support of the City of Lublin.

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