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Partnerships and Volunteering


Night of Culture is a unique opportunity to target a group of over 100,000 people, mostly young and active participants of Lublin’s cultural life who make aware choices and seek quality and out-of-the-box approaches. If you would like to meet them, if you would like to become known to them and offer them your products and services and strengthen your brand, we would be happy to start a partnership with you. We create offers tailored to individual needs. We guarantee creative, non-standard forms of promotion through custom campaigns. We are open to the most extravagant ideas!

Corporate Partnerships

Anna Grzesiak

e-mail: a.grzesiak@warsztatykultury.pl
tel: 81 533 08 18 | mobile: 502 739 211


If you have free time on your hands, if you are communicative, responsible and if you enjoy teamwork, why not give us a hand as a volunteer. One of the largest projects run by Workshops of Culture is Night of Culture.

Volunteer tasks include

  •  Help desk service
  •  Stage management
  •  Coordinating designated art events
  •  Technical support
  •  Guest/artist care and support
  • Office and administrative work

Workshops of Culture offer:

  • Volunteer Coordinator’s supervision and support
  • References
  • Gadgets
  • Many opportunities to observe and learn about the behind-the-scenes of cultural projects
  • A chance to work with a dynamic team of people, staff at Workshops of Culture
  • Opportunity to learn about Lublin artist communities
  • Experience

Volunteer Coordinator
Katarzyna Pudło

e-mail: wolontariat@warsztatykultury.pl
T: +48 81 533 08 18

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