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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Night of Culture? Night of Culture (NoC) is a city festival that lasts one night only. On this night, we look at the world through the eyes of artists and residents who enter into a dialogue with Lublin’s public spaces and change their image by creating installations and art objects in places that we normally do not expect to have such potential. Art enlivens unknown or forgotten places and the places we do know are shown in a different, unusual light.  The festival inspires both residents and visitors to discover the secrets and charms of Lublin. Night of Culture is all about magical moments. It is a festival of endless surprises and a time when extraordinary things happen.
  • Is Night of Culture the same as Night of Museums?
    Not at all. Night of Culture is a separate event taking place in Lublin at a different date than Night of Museums and it does not specifically focus on museum activities but on a broader range of cultural and artistic events. The second major difference between the two festivals is that during Night of Museums most events take place indoors, inside museums, whereas Night of Culture offers outdoor events in public spaces and, moreover, presents completely new multidisciplinary projects that correspond to the city and interact with the residents.
  • When does Night of Culture take place?
    Night of Culture usually takes place on the first weekend in June.
  • Where does Night of Culture take place? Night of Culture takes place in the Old Town area or nearby. Some events take part in the buildings of Night of Culture’s partners, regardless of their location
  • Is the event free? Yes. All events are free. Some, however, have limited places or seats available (like inside the theatre) and taking into account the comfort of our visitors, we offer free tickets to book.
  • What is worth seeing on Night of Culture? The full programme will be made available soon at www.en.nockultury.pl in the PROGRAMME section. During Night of Culture, we also offer printed programmes and maps. For your copy, just go to one of our information points located in the Old Town.


The FAQ for our Partners


  • Who organises Night of Culture?
    Workshops of Culture in Lublin are the organizers of Night of Culture. The programme is created jointly with festival partners: artists, NGOs, companies, private businesses as well as other cultural institutions from Lublin
  • Who can apply to co-create the programme of Night of Culture?
    Practically everyone is welcome to co-create the event with us: institutions, organizations, informal groups and individuals.
  • I would like to create a project for Night of Culture but I do not work for any institution or organization. What can I do? We do not require the Organizer to have a legal personality. Please fill in the online form and in the field marked “Organizer”, please put your personal data which we will use to contact you.
  • I am not from Lublin. Can I still apply?
    The Terms and Conditions of Night of Culture do not specify any limitations regarding registered residence or operation of a business by the organizer. Exceptions are soloists and bands who apply in the open call. In that case we only accept musicians from the Lublin region. When we prepare Night of Culture, we take extra care to focus on Lublin-specific context (for instance, in relation to such criteria as “ in dialogue with a venue”, or “the use of public space), but for anyone other than musicians being from Lublin is not an obligatory requirement.\
  • How do I submit a project for Night of Culture?
    The open call for projects ran from 23 November 2017 to 19 January 2018.
  • Why do I need to fill out a form? Can’t I apply by phone or e-mail?
    Human memory is fleeting. We want to avoid any sort of inaccuracy in applications and subsequent programme scheduling. Written applications ensure that Coordinators and Organisers communicate effectively. A form is a very good way to keep all matters related to a given project properly stored and organized. That is why we have been relying on this format of applications for Night of Culture nearly from the very beginning. The current application format is part of a new system of communication with the Organizers and results from a need to standardize the format of individual applications. It makes the work of all people involved in Night of Culture much more efficient and significantly improves efficacy.
  • Can I send a handwritten or printed application by conventional mail?
    Projects can only be submitted electronically through our online application form available on www.nockultury.pl. If for whatever duly justifiable reasons you are unable to complete the forms, please call us at tel. 81 533 08 18
  • We have obtained financial sponsoring for our Night of Culture project. Can we place the sponsor’s promotional material in our event? Can you put their logo on your website?
    We are very happy to hear that you have found a good financial partner. However, the extent of promotional activities for potential sponsors and donors and their presence or visualization during the project you are submitting for Night of Culture must be agreed with the Coordinators no later than by 29 April 2016 regardless of whether your partnership is financial or barter-based. In the event that the Organizer of the project fails to comply with this provision, the coordinator reserves the right to remove the project from the programme of Night of Culture 2016.
  • Why is there an open call for Night of Culture projects?
    Competition during the open call for projects relates to the change in the way we create the programme of Night of Culture but it does not in any way affect the overall nature of the event. Night of Culture is still principally driven by events submitted by individual Organisers. Adding competition criteria (specified in point 12 of the Terms and Conditions) aims to improve the quality and consistency of the Festival’s programme and to provoke reflections on the possibilities the format of this festival gives us.
  • I submitted a project proposal for Night of Culture. Can I put Night of Culture logo on my website?
    Workshops of Culture have exclusive rights to use the name Night of Culture and its logo. Every single use of the name and logo by third parties (including Night of Culture Partners) requires separate arrangements and written consent.  Please get in touch with us at info@nockultury.pl for further details. Every edition of the festival has a different logo and visual identification. Please always use the current one. We also ask you not to modify the current visual identification of Night of Culture.
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