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Nie masz jeszcze żadnych wydarzeń dodanych do ulubionych

The celebration of the 450th anniversary of signing the Union of Lublin is a great opportunity to present Lithuanian artists in Lublin. This year’s edition of Night of Culture will be enriched with additional projects produced by our neighbours.


19.00 and 21.00 ARRIVED – improvised show | Po Farze Square

How do “guests from the pasts” see our reality; how do they react to audiences? These questions are the basis for the improvisation by the Lithuanian group Arrived. Because they come from not so distant past, they see today somewhat differently.  They come across as naïve and eager to help everyone everywhere.  They are obsessed about order, trying to meticulously order the city, its residents and every item that attracts their attention.  They surprise the viewers with their funny behavior, provoke and make people laugh, creating absurd and surreal situations. The music that comes from their suitcases is the only indication, where these two strangers come from. By accepting the terms of this unknown world, the public becomes a part of this unique show for a short time.

 21.00-22.00 The Schwings Band – concert | VIVO! Lublin! | Unii Lubelskiej 2 – Rooftop

Night of Culture participants will have an opportunity to take part in a unique music show on the rooftop of Vivo! Lublin during which we will see the Vilnius-based band The Shwings. The Shwings plays vintage swing and New Orlean jazz. The band was established in 2011 by the legendary jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist Remis Rančys. The Schwings have  quickly gained popularity at Lithuanian jazz festivals,  dance parties in the style of lindy hop and in clubs. Starting from gold standards of swing, Brazilian and gypsy jazz, the band gradually began recording their own original compositions. Their music is as varied as the seasons – the Schwings are hot like summer, nostalgic like the autumn, pristine like winter and uplifting like spring. All this awaits Lublin audiences during this one night!

21.30 and 23.30 Reject your soul – show | Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 7 – patio

Psilicone Theatre’s show consists of miniature silicone dolls, video projection and live music, all fused to create a new reality. The audiences will learn the story of a young fisherman who falls for a mermaid. In order to join her in the depths of the sea, he has to give up his immortal soul. The young man sets out to learn the mysterious ritual that he needs to perform in order to free his soul from his body.  In the end, he sends the soul away and joins the mermaid. However, the soul returns every year, tempting the fisherman to accept it back to his heart. A fascinating and touching love story, in which the Soul and the Heart fight to control the Fisherman’s body.

Night of Culture will also take place in Vilnius, where we are taking the works of Lublin’s artists.

Lithuanians will be able to see Jarosław Koziara and Paulina Kara’s “Balloons”. The installation that Lubliners fell in love with in 2017 will hang above one of the atmospheric streets in Vilnius’ old town quarter.  Paulina Kara’s dolls travelling in the balloon’s baskets will look at Vilnius and see how the one-night celebration of culture has become accepted in this city. The Lithuanian audiences will also be able to see the light show “Moments” directed by Joanna Lewicka. The show talks about the pursuit of happiness and of the difficult moment when that happiness is finally reached. This several minute-long magic fuses shadow theatre, acting and dance and the entire production is complemented by animations and visualisations.

To Vilnius we are also literally taking a part of Lublin. The Vilnius park will feature ceramic tenements , fragments of a clay model of Lublin’s Old Town. The lantern-shaped buildings were made by the residents of the buildings.

Night of Culture in Lublin: ½ June 2019

Culture Night in Vilnius: 14/15 June 2019.

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