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Nie masz jeszcze żadnych wydarzeń dodanych do ulubionych

Do you have a tie you haven’t been wearing but find it’s a shame to throw it out because it carries many memories and stories? Proms, matura exam, wedding. An opportunity is coming up to not only freshen up your wardrobes but also “thank”  your old ties for their many years of service. We are collecting ties that will be used for an art installation at Night of Culture 2018.

Night of Culture is approaching fast. We are slowly preparing for this grand celebration of culture. Once more, we want Lublin to surprise the residents, regular visitors and tourists. We will try to change Lublin, enchant it and even “dress it up” in ties. Everyone can join this initiative! Just bring your ties!

On that special night, a TIESCADE willl appear in Lublin  – an installation made by students of landscape architecture and spatial development of the Landscape Architecture Institute at the Catholic University of Lublin and students of Floristics at Szkoła Policealna Pracowników Służb Społecznych (the Post-Graduate School of Social Workers), under the supervision of Paweł Adamiec. The very same group enchanted us on Night of Culture 2017 with their unforgettable floral inside Rybna Gate or the Cocoons at Furmańska street.

We want to receive ties from as many people as possible, along with a short story or bit of trivia connected with them. Two or three sentences will do. We will use them to create a virtual gallery on our Facebook pages as well as a real installation that we will be able to see in June on Night of Culture.

How to give us your  tie?

Just come to Workshops of Culture in Lublin, located at Grodzka 7, from Monday- Friday between 10:00 – 17:00. Then go to room 106, leave the tie and say a few words about it. We will publish the most interesting stories in social media. You can bring more than one tie, the more the better – we can use every single one! We are waiting for your ties until 1 June.

Our first tie has been given us by Anna Nawrot from the Biała Gallery, an author of many installations made of ties. We are waiting for more! Tie giving isn’t limited to private individuals! Companies, institutions, organizations, anyone is welcome to pass on their ties to us!

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