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Artists, bring us more light! Submit your idea for light art installation that will become one of the attractions of Night of Culture in Lublin on 2/3 June 2018.  Workshops of Culture, the organizers of the festival, are once again throwing down the gauntlet to creative individuals.  We’re opening a call for visual art projects.

For years, Night of Culture has been an opportunity for artists to enchant Lublin.  On this night, residents and tourists can see the the city through the eyes of the artists who create installations and art objects in places we would not suspect to have a potential for wonder. Works that are included in this unique celebration of culture are viewed by thousands of people.  We will repeat this during this year’s edition of the festival. We will see a series of works, grouped under the theme “More Light!”, that enter into a dialogue and interaction with public spaces. Of course, the final effects depend only on the creativity of Lublin’s artists. Everyone is welcome to present their ideas and submit projects.

– We want to create a unique collection of light-based works. These can include lanterns, glowing objects and installations or LED constructions – these are just a few ideas for inspiration  We are looking for original projects. Make sure to send in your submissions! – encourages Joanna Wawiórka-Kamieniecka, Night of Culture director.

You don’t need an art diploma to take part in the project “More light!” and present your light installation on Night of Culture.  All candidates chosen to co-create the exhibition, will have an opportunity to take part in workshops and consultations with visual artists and electrical installation specialists.

Who can participate? The organizers are looking for creative individuals, involved in broadly defined visual arts. More points will be awarded to unconventional projects, open minds and surprising ideas. Another important issue to take into account is whether festival attendees will be able to clearly and easily see the installation. Moreover, consider technical issues and time schedule.   When plaanning the project, you mustn’t forget the most important thing – the source of light, essential for the installation.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on the night of 2/3 June 2018 in Lublin.


  • 19 February 2018 – open call for “More Light” starts
  • 5 March 2018 – open call ends
  • by 11 March 2018 –  every person who has taken part in the open call will receive a phone call or an e-mail with the results.
  • 12 March – 30 April –  workshops focused artistic events that use light in the city space and individual consultations. The specific meeting dates will be agreed with selected participants.
  • 2/3 June 2018 –  opening of the exhibition on Night of Culture


Submissions can be sent using our online form (Polish only) from 19 February up to and including 5 March.

The submissions will bne evaluated by a jury coinsisting of Jarsołąw Koziara, an experienced light installation artist and Joanna Wawiórka-Kamienicka, the festival director.


Terms and Conditions (Polish language only)

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