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CityMoments – this is the theme of this year’s Night of Culture (2/3 June 2018, Lublin). So what can we expect? Workshops of Culture in Lublin promise plenty of thrills, delights and surprises. This year’s programme will feature beautiful and magical moments that are as fleeting as the legendary fern flower.

The programme includes:

Podwale: the great fitting

Krawiecka Street (Schneider Street) – this street is going to be the most interesting attraction of this year’s Night of Culture. Where is it? That’s the big mystery! The last time Krawiecka street appeared on the maps of Lublin was in 1947. It was located in Błonia, in the very spot where the well-trodden path exists towards Unia Lubelska avenue. All that remains of Krawiecka street now are memories, several dozen photographs and a white willow, estimated to be 170 years old. However, we do not intend to reconstruct Krawiecka. Rather, it will be “played” by another street – Podwale.

We’ve invited many artists and creators to work with us on transforming Podwale and bring back memories of Krawiecka street. Begin your walk at the Cathedral, and through a gate consisting of dangling colourful ribbons made for the occasion by Cezary Sielicki enter the world of sewing and tailoring. It will be a space filled with ties, textiles, furs, sewing machines and small tailor’s accessories (scissors, a bobbin, a safety pin) which on this special night will outgrow us (Fruit of the Lump) – thus Joanna Wawiórka-Kamieniecka, Night of Culture director encourages us to attend.

Nocowanie.pl will help us cover parts of a certain street with a pink, fluffy fur. Specifically which street will it be? Come and see on June 2nd! In Podwale area we will also see Tiescade – the fruit of our “Mission: ties” project – an installation created by landscape architecture and floristics students under the supervision of Paweł Adamiec. These artists will also give a makeover to the brick wall in Podwale street. Textures, that is narrow niches, will become windows through which we will be able to view various compositions of buttons, zippers or pockets.

What can you conjure out of pantyhoseStretching, an object stretched to the maximum limit, will be produced by landscape architecture students from the Catholic University of Lublinunder the supervision of Agnieszka Kułak.

The installation “Freedom, Ladies” created by Niezależna Grupa Projektowa Piękno Panie will refer to good old tailoring traditions and the social reforms that did not bypass the textile industry. It will also be a symbol of the freedom of women who exactly 100 years ago received voting rights in Poland.

Our sartorial Podwale would not be complete without our next project. We will see and hear Machinery – an installation made up of old sewing machines accompanied by a sonic composition created especially for this occasion by Paweł Romańczuk.

Sewing is not too far off from knitting. And so, in Podwale street, we will also find yarn bombed mandalas (yarn bombing).

Podwale ’s attractions will be complemented by the Zone of Creativity and Inspiration in Błonia – a place of particular appeal to parents and children. Numerous workshops and creative activities will provide an opportunity to spend quality time together. Among other things, we will build a Sugar City, that is to say we will play architects who use sugar cubes to create a completely new world. The sweetness will continue with cookies from Vanilla Confectionery – the official flavour of this year’s Night of Culture. In Błonia we will also find a chillout zone provided by Nocowanie.pl, a partner of Night of Culture.

Energy-matter – Projection Mapping

For this year’s Night of Culture the collective kilku.com, known for their experimental visual projects, have created a special mapping, to be projected on the building of the main Post Office. Just after dark, the building in Litewski Square will spring to life and take the viewers to fantastical worlds. Sound has been provided by Hubert Pyrgies of Chonabibe. The recordings feature the members of his new band, Bajki o dorosłych.

Leszek Mądzik’s Layers

Visitors who gather in the Castle square will be able to watch an outdoor show prepared especially for Night of Culture. The stairs leading up to the Castle will become a stage where the director Leszek Mądzik will guide us into the world of visual theatre, revealing more and more Layers in order to awaken our sensitivity and honesty. The director has also designed a limited edition special poster which will be sold at the festival’s information points.

Mabel, Mabel,  tiger trainer

At the first and only screening in Lublin we will see the documentary Mabel, Mabel,  tiger trainer (dir. L. Zemeckis). It’s the story of the legendary and mysterious Mabel Stark, a woman who chose to pursue a very rare profession: the tiger trainer. The movie will be screened outdoors and the free tickets will be checked in the presence of Rajah – Mabel’s favourite tiger.

Henryk Wieniawski Lublin Philharmonic Symphonic Orchestra

The roof of Tarasy Zamkowe Shopping Centre will once again transform into the stage for the Rooftop concert and this time will welcome Henryk Wieniawski Lublin Philharmonic Symphonic Orchestra. Fifty instrumentalists will introduce us to a world of incredible music, often from times long past. This music remains fresh and continues to strike the right chords in the hearts of the listeners despite the passage of time. The concert will prove that, while we might not realise it, Haydn’s or Mozart’s works are actually very well-known to contemporary listeners.

Chansonists and Retrolisteners

In the courtyard of the Dominican Monastery we will hear songs harking back to the music of the interwar period, including such pieces as ”Ada to nie wypada”, “Ach, Ludwiko”, “Nie kochać w taką noc, to grzech”. These songs have been given new arrangements by Tadeusz Czechak and will be sung by the vocal ensemble SINE NOMINE attached to “Pod Akacją” Youth Cultural Centre. This special musical project has been produced for the 100th anniversary of Poland Regaining Independence.

Art installations in the Old Town

Paweł “Totoro” Adamiec will once again introduce greenery to the city centre. Ku Farze street will transform into a Sensory Gate and po Farze square will welcome us with Pillars covered with living plant material. Flying fish will swim from Rybna Gate towards Rybny Square. This installation is the work of Jarosław Koziara. The project Aura Lava, designed by the collective Multe Munca, will allow us to enter a shadowless space. Bright, strong and cold light will create a dreamlike effect and make it seem like we are entering spaces seen in futuristic movies, such as spaceships.

Of course, this is not the full programme of Night of Culture. The festival consist of several hundred cultural events, including art exhibitions, installations, plays, movies and art in the public space. Galleries, theatres and museums stay open until the wee hours and beckon us to visit.

The full programme will soon become available on www.en.nockultury.pl.

During the upcoming edition of Night of Culture we will continue the festival research which began last year. This time, we will learn how our visitors experience the event – what emotions accompany them, what do they find most interesting, what stays with them in the long run. The preparation work for the research has been going on since December, led by an interdisciplinary team consisting of professors and students of social sciences and humanities in cooperation with the partner – the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

The 12th edition of Night of Culture will take place on the night of 2/3 June. All events are free.

Night of Culture is organized by Workshops of Culture in Lublin.

The project is delivered with the support of the City of Lublin.

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Honorary Patronage: Krzysztof Żuk, the Mayor of Lublin.

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