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 Night of Culture | 1/2 June 2019 | Lublin

Lublin’s Night of Culture is coming in less than a month and Workshops of Culture are lifting the curtain on some of this year’s events. On the night of June 1-2 we will all weave a CityTale together,  unfold various themes and read the city.

 The programme features:

Visual arts

 I give you my word | Olejna street | 19.00-2.00

The main protagonist of the CityTale is Olejna street. I give you my word is an invitation to the world of books, words, typewriters and letters. We will find here a gigantic book (Seweryn Chwała and Marcin Błach), desks with typewriters waiting for the hands of Night of Culture’s visitors or a large-scale chalk painting “ Dobre Słowa” (lit. Kind Words) presented on the wall of one of the buildings (Joanna Szymanderska).  We will be able to play with the alphabet and get acquainted with the poetry of Stanisław Dróżdż (Zachęta National Gallery of Art). We will see a book sewn by Wioletta Stefańska and Łukasz Stefański – INNE formy (Different forms).We will hear M.A.N.I.T.O.U. (Małe Acz Niebanalnie Intrygujące Teksty O Uniwersum – lit. Small but Non-banal Intriguing Texts about the Universe). Letter-shaped lanterns featuring letters from three alphabets- Latin, Cyrillic and Hebrew will be hung among the buildings (Jarosław Koziara). We will meet the letter A which has sprained its legs (Kamil Stańczak). Exprimere Studio by Damian Bakalarz will screen poems by young Lublin poets on the walls of a building. Fundacja Dwa Ognie will remind us what words of wisdom were all about. House of Words and palindromes will also be there.  However, these are not all the attractions you can expect! Night of Culture is full of surprises so be sure to go to Olejna street to discover all its secrets. It will be a fantastic walk, we have given you our word, after all!

Katarynka CabaretMechTheater | Square in front of the Tribunal | 19.00-0.00

The melody of an old lullaby will peal out in the Old Town and tell the story about the princess eaten by the mouse. The theatre – music box, a unique sound playing object telling the famous Polish story about the king, page and the princess has been designed by Piotr Kloc.

Kubiczne lampiony – Wzory pogranicza (lit. Cubic lanterns  – The patterns of the borderlands) | Łokietka square | 19.00-2.00

The symbolism, records of history and ordinary events encoded in traditional scarves and shirts have been the inspiration and foundation for this cycle.  Seven cubes will feature the graphic adaptation and contemporary interpretation of art and crafts recorded on perebory fabrics and embellishments of clothing of the residents of the borderlands. This project is the work of Inicjatywa LWL.

 Kwiaty z probówki (lit. Flowers in vials) | Grodzka 7 – balcony | 19.00-2.00
This is a floral project made a team of florists under the direction of Paweł Totoro Adamiec. A dozen vials hung on the balcony of Grodzka 7 building will house exotic cut plants. The magic of live flowers will once again take over the Old Town!


 Light show Momenty (Moments) |  Dominikański Square | 22.00, 23.00 and 0.00
The light show is just as light, short, and sweet as the moment of experiencing a short story about happiness, in which bodies, shadows and projections fuse into one. The most unique feature of this show is that the plot will take place alternately or concurrently in three planes: on stage, on thw screen and behind the screen. Joanna Lewicka is responsible for the direction and the script, which has been inspired by tales told by the residents.

#chybanieja | The Centre for Culture | 21.00
Artur Pałyga – playwright and Paweł Passini  – director want to look at the figure of Judas from many perspectives. The point of departure were different variants of the Biblical story. The account which is most commonly remembered is the story of Mathew the Apostle who wrote that Judas returned shekels to the priests and then hanged himself.  Peter in Acts of the Apostles writes that Judas did not return any money but bought land for it and then died in an accident. On the other hand, one of the Church fathers, Papias claims that Judas got so fat that he could not fit into even those spaces through which a cart would freely pass. Why do we have so many different versions? Why have we pushed away other testimonies?  What was the reality?

Joint Lublin – Vilnius Night of Culture
For the celebration of the 450th anniversary of signing the Union of Lublin,  artists from Vilnius are coming to Lublin to mark the occasion. Night of Culture is part of the celebrations of this grand anniversary of both nations:

 Psilicone Theatre | Grodzka 7 – patio | 21.30 and 23.30
On the patio of Grodzka 7, we will see two performances of  Psilicone Theatre’s “Reject your soul”. Both performances will be accompanied by live music. The play is based on Oscar Wilde’s fairy tale “The Fisherman and His Soul”. This fascinating and touching love story leads to the battle between Soul and Heart to control the body of the Fisherman.

 Arrived | po Farze Square | 19.00 and 21.00
Arrived are theatre artists from Vilnius. They say that they come from the past. They seem to be blissfully naïve and eager to help everyone everywhere. They are obsessed about order and try to meticulously put the city, its residents and every item in sight in proper order. They surprise the audiences with their funny behaviour, provoke them and make them laugh, creating absurd and surreal situations. The music that comes from their suitcases is the only indication where these two strangers come from.

 The Schwings | VIVO! Lublin | 21.00
A band from Vilnius that plays vintage swing and New Orlean jazz. The band was established in 2011 by the legendary jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist Remis Rančys. The Schwings quickly gained popularity at Lithuanian jazz festivals, in clubs and lindy hop type dance events. They started from performing gold standards of the swing as well as Brazilian and Gypsy jazz, but over time the band started recording their own, original compositions.

Night of Culture will also take place in Lithuania on 14/15 June and to mark our joint celebrations, Lithuanians will find elements of Lublin festival in its programme. The Vilnius audiences will see Jarosław Koziara and Paulina Kara’s balloons, the light show “Moments” directed by Joanna Lewicka and the tiny ceramic tenement models, part of the earthenware scale model of Lublin’s Old Town.


 Jazz on the rooftop of Vivo! Lublin | Vivo! Lublin Shopping centre | 20.00-23.30
Once again, Night of Culture participants will have an opportunity to take part in an unforgettable music show on the rooftop of Vivo! Lublin. This year, the focus will be jazz. Throughout the evening we will hear three bands. The first, consisting of students of Jazz and Stage Music undergraduate programme at Maria Curie Skłodowska University – Made in #jazzUMCS. Our next performers are guests from Lithuania – The Schwings, who will present their own compositions inspired by the gold standards of Brazilian and Gypsy jazz. The star of the evening will be Jazz Band Młynarski-Masecki, who will take us to the world of dance and emotions by evoking the old traditions of Polish jazz orchestras of the inter-war period.

Litewski Square full of dance| Litewski square | 19.00-2.00

Enthusiasts of dance will be able to dance the night away in Litewski Square. On a special floor, The Song and Dance Ensemble of Lublin University of Technology and Zespół Ludowy Sławiniacy (Sławiniacy Folk Ensemble) will present their folk dancing talents. We will also dance the Hawaiian hula dance together with Fundacja Świadomego Wsparcia. Moreover, we will have a chance to try tango, salsa, flamenco and swing. The partners co-creating the zone are: Szkoła Tanga Argentyńskiego Tango ParaisoSALSA MEFlamenco Inaczej and Swingin’ Lublin.

The stage on the balcony of the building of Political Science Faculty | Litewski Square – Lubomirski Family Palace | 19.00-0.00

The architecture of the building of Political Science Faulty of Maria Curie Skłodowska University is the perfect setting for artistic initiatives. The balcony will be a stage for concerts by Eddie HaiZłote Twarze Live Band and Maciejowa Kapela. The star of the stage will be Tom Encore. His “Skarby” (lit. Treasures) is a unique, retro-futuristic soundtrack of the city. It is deeply rooted in the tradition of Polish jazz, big-beat and popular music, but also draws from field recordings, film chronicle samples and fragments of cinematography. The concert will particularly appeal to fans of Jon Hopkins or Irena Santor, Bonobo or Jerzy Milian. The concerts will be accompanied by visualisations projected on the wall of the building, created live by Bartłomiej Polak.

 The stage on the balcony of the Crown Tribunal | The Crown Tribunal | 20.00-0.00

The balcony of the Crown Tribunal will become a stage filled with classical music. We will hear the violin, saxophone, trumpet and cello. The programme has been created by Filharmonia Lubelska (Lublin Philharmonic) and Szkoła Muzyczna im. T. Szeligowskiego (T. Szeligowski Music School).

City piano marathon | Archidiakońska 1 – gate | 19.00-23.00

The students of the first and second degree T. Szeligowski music school followed by pianists from Maria Curie Skłodowska University’s Arts Faculty will use music to enliven one of the gates in the Old Town. We will hear the most beautiful piano music, from Bach to contemporary composers. Popular tunes will also be rendered with a bit of a jazz edge.

Glass harmonica | Dominican Monastery – courtyard | 20.15, 22.00 and 0.00

You must see this! You must hear this! Glass harmonica is an oblong box on four legs, with a dozen glass bowls inside.  They are moved using a pedal mechanism. How to play this? The musician touches the revolving goblets with a wet finger and makes them vibrate. Thomas Bloch will play the harmonica,  accompanied by Pauline Hass on the harp.

Night in the Brewery | Perła – Lublin Brewery | 19.00-2.00

On Night of Culture, Perła – Lublin Brewery is opening its doors to everyone looking for a pleasant siesta. Catch a breather and recharge your batteries in the Foodtruck Zone, see Jarosław Koziara’s installations, watch the premiere of the video art “Spacer” (lit. Walk) and animation on a sphere by Patrycja Turek. You will also be able to visit the Hall of Art featuring the photos by Paweł Mizaga – a tribute to David Bowie. It will be also possible to visit the historic Brewhouse and the Perła Lublin Brewery Underground.  The evening will end with an after party in Klub Radość.

Urban experiment – a new category in the open call

The projects submitted to Night of Culture’s programme in the category Urban experiment merit special attention. It is the only non-artistic category of the open call. It is also the first time it has been created. The projects include: Raingarden (Grodzka 5a – entrance | 19.00- 2.00), the workshop entitled Mury Empatii. O komunikacji w przestrzeni miejskiej – Walls of Empathy. On communication in the city space (Grodzka 5a – auditorium | 19.00-21.30), the urban composter (Żmigród 12 | 19.00 2.00) as well as an idea for a new location for the bike stand (Rybny Square | 19.00-2.00).

 The work of Night of Culture research team led by dr Aleksandra Kołtun does not cease. This year, we will continue to deepen our knowledge about the phenomenon of Night of Culture and how the festival impacts the city and its residents.

Of course, this is not the full programme of Night of Culture. The festival consists of hundreds of events, including art exhibitions, artistic installations, theatre plays, cinema and art in the city space. Galleries, theatres and museums stay open until the wee hours.

The full programme will soon appear at www.en.nockultury.pl and the selected events will be viewable in Going app.

The 13th Night of Culture in Lublin will take place on the night of 1-2 June 2019. Admission to all events is free.

The festival is organised by Workshops of Culture in Lublin. The project has been made possible thanks to the support of the City of Lublin.

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