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Nie masz jeszcze żadnych wydarzeń dodanych do ulubionych

The place we must  visit at this year’s Night of Culture (2/3 June 2018) is definitely Podwale street. The joint work of many artists and creators will transform this space into a tailor’s land. We will find here ties, fabrics, furs, sewing machines and small tailor’s accessories in XXL sizes.

It is worthwhile to begin the walk across Night of Culture from the Cathedral. It’s easiest to get there from Litewski square through Wolności Square. Going through the gate made of colourful ribbons made by Cezary Sielicki that will spring up at the start of Podwale street, we will enter a world of tailoring. We will be led down the road and through all surprises by a tape measure of uncommon length.

Narrow recesses of one of the brick walls will turn into windows through which we will be able to see various configurations of buttons, zippers or pockets. The textures will be made by students of spatial development, landscape architecture and floristics under the supervision of Paweł Adamiec. Those same artists will create Tiescade in Podwale street. A cacophony of colours, multiplication of an object, ubiquitous movement – an installation resembling a stream that will flow especially on this one night will carry with it stories and memories of several hundred donors of “Mission:Ties”. Residents of Lublin and friends of Night of Culture from all over Poland who have been bringing os sending ties to Workshops of Culture, sharing stories associated with them.  They will serve as the foundation for this unique art installation.

Small accessories by Fruit of the Lump will surely elicit a smile on the faces of Night of Culture participants. The small items will grow to XXL sizes. In Podwale we will see rescaled tailor’s accessories, namely huge scissors, thread spools and a huge safety pin.

Express created by Kamil Stańczak is an art installation drawing on ouir experiences with zippers. Everyone is likely to have experienced the feeling accompanying zipping up a broken zipper in a jacket or blouse…what if such an adventure happened to trees?

The well-being of Night of Culture attendees and visitors to Podwale street will be taken care of by yarn bombed mandalas made by Yarn Bombing group. Manadalas are harmonious fusions of circles and square, where the circle is a sky symbol and square represents everything connected with humans and earth. The work will show how the chaos of raveled threads can take on a harmonious form.

Tailor-made Podwale couldn’t exist without them. We will see and hear Machinery – an installation made of old sewing machines that will be accompanied by a specially produced sound composition (Paweł Romańczuk).

Walking along Podwale, we will come across an eccentric character – Szmaciarz (Ragman). Herb-infused, scaring away negative mood rag effigy is an installation referring to medieval doctors.  It will be created by Landscape Architecture students under the supervision of Agnieszka Kulak. The same students will also create spongy Organelle and Stretching, an object extended to the maximum.

In Podwale we will also be able to see the installation FReedom, Ladies! created by Niezależna Grpa Projektowa Piękno Panie. The project refers to tailoring traditions and customs reform which did not omit the textile industry. At the same time, it will be a symbol of the freedom of women who received voting rights in Poland exactly 100 years ago.

A female accent will also be Hautue Couture Cloth Hall, that is a presentation of artistic dresses made with unusual materials (including living plant material or broken ceramics).

Nocowanie.pl will help us cover parts of the street with a pink fur.  Where? See for yourself on 2 June! Fur accessories from our sponsor will also be found in Lublin Castle Błonia, where  a relaxation zone will be created. It is a space made especially for Night of Culture attendees where we will be able to relax on a fluffy fur carpet or a lounger. In the meantime, children will be able to take part in games and workshops in the Zone of Creativity and Inspiration. It will be cosy, nice, calm. You just want to sit down and relax!

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