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Joanna Lewicka’s magical shadows, a tale about Judas directed by Paweł Passini or crazy Lituanians who will come to Lublin…from the past – you will be able to see all this during this year’s Night of Culture (½ June, Lublin – Old Town). Follow the theatre programme prepared by the Organisers.

The programme features:

Arrived | po Farze square | 19.00 and 21.00
Arrived are artists from Vilnius, though they claim they come from the past. They seem blissfully naive and eager to help everyone everywhere. They are obsessed about order and try to meticulously put the city, its residents and every item in sight in proper order. They surprise passers-by with their funny behaviour, provoke them and make them laugh, creating absurd and surreal situations. The music that comes from their suitcases is the only indication where these two strangers come from. This event is part of the celebrations of the 450th anniversary of the Union of Lublin.

Jestem w Unii (I’m in Unia) | Rybny Square | 19.00
Energetic ladies from Lublin will show that regardless of age you can enjoy life and pass this joy on to others. The elederly women entertain themselves and everyone around them by fulfilling their dreams of their youth. Their group – Mydło i Powidło will present a cabaret.
Koziołek Skejciołek (Billy the skateboarding goat) | square in front of the Centre of Culture | 19.00 and 21.00 | for families with children
We will see a skateboarding take on the story of Lublin’s emblem. Koziołek Skejciołek is a puppet theatre and an actor’s theatre of Jacek Harasimiuk. The programme consists of a 30-minute theatre play and workshops during which children will be able to learn skateboarding.

Przystanek: Narodziny ( Stop: Birth) | Rybny Square | 20.00
Together with DDK Bronowice (district cultural centre) we will discover the beginnings of Lublin and examine the origins of its name. We will visit the King who gave Lublin its city rights, get acquainted with Lublin legends and symbols, listen to the anthem as well as songs evoking the atmosphere of old Lublin.

Awaria ( Breakdown) | Unia Lubelska High School | 20.00
Teatr 19.99 will present the play Awaria directed by J.Malicka. The script has been written by U. Kasprzak – Wąsowska.

ImprOpowieści Lubelskie XX Wieku (Improvised 20th century Lublin tales) | The Centre for Culture | 20.30 | requires booking (opens on 16 May at nockultury.pl)
Using theatre improvisation, we will weave ImprOpowieści (improvised tales) about the 20th century history of Lublin. Tales about the everyday lives of great scholars, ordinary people and extraordinary artists. The basis for evoking these stories are interviews, conversations and meetings with everyone who remember those times. The selection of stories for improvised staging will be made by the audiences and Poławiacze pereł Improv Teatr will perform live an alternative ending to a selected story.

Baśnie flamenco (Flamenco Fairy Tales) | Rybny Square | 21.00
We will see a dance show by the group Flamenco Inaczej beased on flamenco and incorporating multimedia. The script contains fragments of fairy tales by the borthers Grimm and H.Ch.Andersen, in wich women are the protagonists, for example Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Thumbelina, Little Mermaid, the Witch.

#chybanieja |The Centre for Culture | 21.00 | booking required (opens on 16 May at nockultury.pl)

Artur Pałyga – playwright and Paweł Passini – director examine the figure of Judas from many sides. The point of departure were different variants of the Biblical story. The account which is most commonly remembered is the story of Mathew the Apostle who wrote that Judas returned shekles to the priests and then hanged himself. Peter in Acts of the Apostles writes that Judas did not return any money but bought land for it and then died in an accident. On the other hand, one of the Church fathers, Papias claims that Judas got so fat that he could not fit into even those spaces through which a cart would freely pass. Why do we have so many different versions?
Prawda (La Verite) | Juliusz Osterwa theatre | 21.00 | booking starts from 16 May at nockultury.pl)
Since its Paris premiere in 2011, La Verite by Florian Zeller has been enjoying never-ending popularity. In this comedy melting pot, wordplay jokes fuse with situational gags, serving humour in its purest form. Even though it has been written for four protagonists, the story by the French playwright hides at its core a nonpersonal protagonist –the lie. The play stars Halszka Lehman, Magdalena Sztejman, Tomasz Bielawiec and Krzysztof Olchawa. Direction and music – Paweł Aigner, scenography and costumes – Barbara Wołosiuk.

Cienie Emocji (shadows of emotion) | in front of the Lublin Castle | 21.00-01.00
An interactive dance show in the form of a shadow theatre performed in an especially arranged enclosed space. Moreover, we will not just watch but also decide on what the artiss present. The audience will pick the type of emotions they want to feel during the show. The show runs for 2 minutes but the show will be repeated. The dance grouo zMYsł consists of about 30 members who want to express emotions through movement. They like jazz and contemporary styles.

Gdzie jest Gwen (Where is Gwen)| MDK Pod Akacją youth community centre | 21.00 | booking required (opens on 16 May at nockultury.pl)
It is a story about a modern family, seen from the perspective of a 15-year-old girl. The eponymous Gwen is a teenager in puberty who is misunderstood by her parents and ridiculed by her siblings. Her rebellion brings to light family problems. A play by Teatr Panopticum. Direction: Mieczysław Wojtas and Team, music: Piotr Tesarowicz, performing: Michał Rząd, Paulina Iwan, Maja Paszkowska, Lena Jungowska, Jakub Wyszomirski, Grzegorz Popiołek, Anna Futa, Emil Janczak and Magdalena Banasiak.

Psilicone Theatre | Grodzka 7 – patio | 21.30 and 23.30
On the patio at Grodzka 7, we will see two performances of Psilicone Theatre’s “Reject your soul”. We will see miniature dolls and a video accompanied by live music – Jan Maksimovič will play the saxophone. The play is based on Oscar Wilde’s fairy tale “The Fisherman and His Soul”. This fascinating and touching love story leads to the battle between Soul and Heart to control the body of the Fisherman. The event is part of the celebrations of the 450th anniversary of the Union of Lublin.

Marsz Polonia (March, Polonia) | MDK Pod Akacją youth community centre | 22.00 | booking begins on 16 May at nockultury.pl
A play about the crisis of values and consequences resulting from ideological and political divisions in contemporary Polish society. Script: collective work Direction: Mieczysław Wojtas, collaboration: Agata Korzeniowska Music: Piotr Tesarowicz Performing: Karolina Nowakowska, Wiktoria Wrzyszcz, Grzegorz Popiołek, Tomasz Piskorz, Agata Korzeniowska, Jakub Kalinowski, Zofia Gołaj, Wiktor Palak, Jakub Kondrat, Julia Urbańska

Light show “Moments” | Dominikański square | 22.00, 23.00 and 00.00
Light show is a light, short and sweet play – just like the moment of experiencing a short story about happiness, in which bodies, shadows and projections fuse into one. The most unique feature of this show is that the plot will take place alternately or concurrently in three planes: on stage, on screen and behind the screen. Joanna Lewicka is responsible for the direction and the script, which has been inspired by tales told by the residents. Performing; Angelika Kujawiak and Wojciech Kaproń. Video: Maria Porzyc, Light: Damian Bakalarz, costumes: El Bruzda

Miasto-podobni (City-like) | Rybny Square | 23.00
A portrait of growing up and living in urban society, where everyone acts within certain schemes and hides behind what is expected. The show talks about finding oneself in modern urban reality, getting to know ones values and needs, acceing yourself and others the way we really are. This is a dance show by Jazzymotion Studio and Agnieszki Litman.

Buziaki | MDK “Pod Akacją” youth community centre | 23.00 |booking required (opens on 16 May at nockultury.pl)
A somewhat experimental tale about children’s rebellion against adults, about the changing world, parenthood, love and music. The problems touched upon in the play are seen from the perspective of children who use the language of adults, and given an unconventional theatrical form. The script has been inspired by Camille Rebetez’ drama. Script: team effort. Direction: Mieczysław Wojtas Co-direction: Oskar Rybaczek. Music and vocal training: Piotr Tesarowicz. Performing: Rozalia Sawa, Agata Korzeniowska, Jakub Wyszomirski, Aleks Skóra, Łucja Paszkowska, Maja Kalbarczyk, Michalina Puła, Marcin Lisowski, Jakub Kondrat.

Dziejba leśna (Forest Happenings) – a play/ Beliguardo | Rybny square | 23.30
A play inspired by Bolseław Leśmian’s „Dziejba Leśna”. It invites audiences to a world where, deep in the forest in a pagan tomb, different worlds meet and fuse: the world of slavic mythology, ballads, Christiniaty, a world close to human nature. The play presents the so-called Leśmian trinagle- conflict: between nature, man and god. Direction and choreography: Małgorzata Wojcieszuk. Cast: Not only) Courtly Dance Theatre Belriguardo – Piotr Kloc, Daria Kotowicz, Ewelina Bogudzińska, Zuzanna Sztal, Piotr Wojcieszuk, Aleksandra Sztal, Klaudia, Dana Pokora, Radosław Gawryluk, Anna Gawryluk, Małgorzata Czerwonka, Sylwia Dmowska.


Of course, this is not the full programme of Night of Culture. The festival consist of hundreds of events, including art exhibitions, artistic installations, theatre plays, cinema and art in the city space. Galleries, theatres and museums stay open until the wee hours.

The full programme will soon appear at www.en.nockultury.pl and selected events will be viewable in Going app.


The 13th Night of Culture in Lublin will take place on the night of 1-2 June 2019. Admission to all events is free.

The festival is organised by Workshops of Culture in Lublin. The project has been made possible thanks to the support of the City of Lublin.

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