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Nie masz jeszcze żadnych wydarzeń dodanych do ulubionych

On 4/5 June 2016 we will experience Night of Culture in Lublin for the tenth time. This year, we will be dreaming and weaving realities. The main theme of this year’s edition is : “let’s imagine a city….”. Throughout February and March, we run an open call for projects and all interested institutions, ngos, companies and individuals were welcome to submit their proposals.  

 Do you remember Lublin 10 years ago?  Who would have thought back then that Night of Culture would  become such an inseparable part of the landscape of the city and  the consciousness of Lublin’s inhabitants that it would be impossible to imagine the city without it?  At first, the festival was a manifestation of the city’s cultural power, accumulating energy which spread and  penetrated new areas. Dreams inspired people to take up unique, magical and uncommon activities . This led to the creation of an event that is full of emotions, brims with inspiring ideas and generates unique atmosphere.  Thanks to the cooperation of thousands of people, organisations, institutions, artists and animators,  Night of Culture has continued to surprise, enrapture and enchant us.  We want to keep imagining the city because we believe that imagination leads to change.  Dreams that initially seemed unrealistic are being fulfilled in front of our eyes. The impossible becomes possible.  Bold, sometimes absurd, ideas gain tangible form. They led us to witness unusual things many times before. People who love Lublin  have beautiful dreams and their actions reflect them.  Let’s imagine the city together with them…

In the open call we accepted submissions in one of the following  categories:

  1. For music bands and individual musicians – Imagine that music is the breath of the city, that the city has its rhythm, dynamic and energy. Let’s take a deep breath and immerse ourselves in  the sounds of Lublin, let’s discover the musical pulse of the city. Lublin’s musical groups are vital components of this phenomenon. Let’s get to know these components, examine them closely and compose Night of Culture together!
  2. For theatres, dancers, cabarets, poets, buskers, illusionists – imagine that the city is a stage, that the gates, backyards,  charming forgotten corners  become, for this one night, theatre, music, busking, dance and poetry stages – make big spectacles in small spaces,  make big art out of small theatrical forms. Don’t make a scene, make art!
  3. For enthusiasts of urban sports, activities and outdoor play. Imagine that the city is a playground without fences and age limits; that it is right next to you, conveniently on your way. Imagine  that activity, sports, games, music are all within your reach in a shared space for enthusiasts of urban sports but also for those who would like to try them for the first time.
  4. For craftsmen, artisans, artists, art studios, animators, teachers, instructors – Imagine that creativity drives the city…. Several dozens workshops, displays, animations and play activities for people of all ages will take place just overnight! It is the perfect opportunity to present your own work and year-round workshop offer, exchange experiences and integrate with others.
  5.  For those wishing to invite Night of Culture to them – events taking place at the organizer’s venue. Night of Culture attendees enjoy premier events, created specifically for the festival. We encourage you to think of nonstandard activities in unusual spaces, to reimagine yourself and the city; we encourage you to go off the beaten tracks . Events taking place outside the organizer’s venue, in open spaces  tend to also be well-received as are those which actively involve the ateendees in the course. When making a  proposal it was important for the applicants to  take into account  the history of Lublin and in particular the  700th anniversary of  Lublin’s City Charter.


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