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Night of Culture news

Tiny Tenements – a post-Night exhibition

The ceramic tenements that delighted Night of Culture visitors in June are returning to the Old Town! We will be able to see the magic lanterns and inside them fire will light up again. When: 7 December, 17:00 Where: Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 7 – patio Free admission Clay miniatures of  buildings at Furmańska and […]

Read more 21 November 2017

Night of Culture all year round – workshops

Night of Culture, one of Lublin’s largest festivals, offers a few hundred events outdoors in the city space over the span of a few hours. It is like the fern flower – blooms only on one night and disappears. We are left with memories and beautiful photos. It is impossible to see everything during that […]

Read more 22 September 2017

Leviathan Story

Night of Culture is a festival that encourages experiencing art and facilitates meeting it. Cultural institutions stay open until the wee hours, offering a special programme. Squares and plazas hold film screenings, concerts and exhibitions. You cannot pass indifferently by incredible art installations that make Lublin even more beautiful than on a daily basis.  It’s […]

Read more 13 June 2017

Night of Culture not only for one night

Night of Culture is magic. Some of its wonderful moments can only be kept on photographs, others stay with us for a longer time. Such is the case with a few productions of this year’s festival. BA!LLOONS by Jarosław Koziara and their tiny passengers created by Paulina Kara are staying with us at least until […]

Read more 5 June 2017

Useful Tips

FREE NIGHTTIME BUSES Get to the Night of Culture Venue on public transportation, a city bike or on foot. We can return home from the event completely free on nighttime buses. Bus lines N1, N2 and N3 will travel more frequently , every 15 minutes between 22:45 and 2:30 and on 3:30 and 4:30.  Nighttime […]

Read more 2 June 2017

Fish-birds, hydroriddles and floral murals – such wonders exclusively on Night of Culture

For years, Night of Culture programme has been based on events presenting art in the city space. It is no different this time, in the year of the Grand Jubilee of the 700th anniversary of granting city rights to Lublin.The artists have created wonder-inducing pieces, taking inspiration from the history of our city. Gates, plazas […]

Read more 1 June 2017

Lublin, our beloved Lublin. Łukasz Jemioła – Pocztówka z Lublina [Song]

“After all, everyone knows that Paris is famous for fashion, Polesie for its mud and Busk for healing waters. Venice has gondolas and Warsaw cakes. Guess which is my favourite of these? It’s Lublin…” Thus begins a song about Lublin, recorded especially for Night of Culture to celebrate the 700th anniversary of granting city rights […]

Read more 23 May 2017

Zone of Creativity and Inspiration – Night of Culture 2017

Night of Culture, taking place as part of the 700th Anniversary of Lublin’s foundation this year is not only about concerts and huge installations in the urban space. It’s also a time for learning new things,  including about our town, drawing inspiration from its  700 year- long history and heritage. Just like last year, we […]

Read more 18 May 2017

Night of Culture 2017 Music Programme

Like every year, Night of Culture programme is full of events for fans of good music. The Bridge of Culture will host bands from Lublin. The rooftop of Tarasy Zamkowe Shopping Centre will feature a Polish-British duet, Smolik // Kev Fox.  We will also have a music stage on Kowalska Street and music will be […]

Read more 16 May 2017

Night of Culture 2017 Programme unveiled

In the special Grand Jubilee year celebrating the 700th anniversary of the city of Lublin, Night of Culture once again launches a time machine and the artists will create unusual works drawing inspiration from the history of the city and its heritage. Last year, we transported back in time by only about 100 years. 700 […]

Read more 11 May 2017

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